Toddlers - How to Care for That Special Toddler in Your Life

Toddlers are delicate beings that require optimum care. The parents or the care givers must be well informed as to the appropriate food, clothing, cleansing and recreational activities that will form toddlers into physically and mentally healthy children.  Learn all about your toddlers many milestones.

Toddler activities: Fun and educational games inside and outside of the home

Toddlers can be too bouncy and energetic for a caregiver to handle. One of the most challenging tasks in caring for toddlers is to keep them occupied. However, this task can also be one of the most fun-filled experiences that you share with them.

Toddlers are naturally explorative. This is the age when they love to question and explore their surroundings, learning new things. There are many toddler games that you can do at home to cater for your toddler's growing curiosity about the world. You can also provide toddler toys or toddler games that have educational inputs through an enjoyable packaging.

The toddler's inquisitiveness can be explored in a simple touch and feel activity. This game encourages the heightening of the senses and building of rich descriptive vocabulary among toddlers. Parents can also integrate house chores in their toddler activities. Since toddlers love to tinker around the kitchen, include your toddler as you bake muffins or design a cake.

Toddlers who are enrolled in preschool have more access to educational games made especially for children in their age group. Preschool activities range from drawing shapes and images using crayons, water color and other resourceful materials such as leaves and flowers, to story telling. Preschool also serves as a one-stop venue for play dates. Teachers regularly conduct preschool games that encourage team work and movement among children.

Among the important early learning activities you can introduce to your toddler are computer games. Their energy might seem too much for them to stay put in front of a computer, but this is not the case. Computer games are filled with colorful images and movements that capture the interest of toddlers. Introducing the use of the computer will better equip your toddler with technological know-how before he enters formal schooling.

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Toddler sleep: Sleeping time after a day of play

Unless they are really exhausted after a day of action, toddlers can pose a challenge when it comes to sleep. Preparing a toddler bed is important for them to get the most peaceful slumber. Toddler bedding adorned with images of cartoon characters help to invite them to their bed. Ensure not only the comfort but also the safety of your toddler's bed. For toddlers sleeping in a bunk bed, make sure to install bed rails to prevent them from rolling out of the bed.  Not getting enough sleep can cause a tantrum.  Find out more.

Toddler clothing: Comfortable clothes that withstand play

Toddler clothing must be chosen well. They must be made from quality materials that assure your toddler optimum comfort. Toddlers can become uneasy when put in bulky clothes in a warm weather. The discomfort often leads them to pull tantrums. Clothing for toddlers should also be of high quality. It must withstand the normal toddler behavior of crawling, climbing and getting dirty. It also must withstand repeated washings. Invest in baby apparel that will last throughout that stage of constantly getting grimy, getting scratches from bikes, burrowing dirt, and getting spilled with paint. Clothes for kids of this age must be those that you need not be worried about your toddler getting all filthy. Durable toddler clothing may cost more, but these garments are sure to give you the full value of your money. Dressing your toddler in clothing that is fit for daily play will reduce a lot of your parenting worries.  Also learn more about baby apparel.

Diapering and potty training: Challenges for a well-trained toddler

Diapering is both a challenge and a necessity. Parents and caregivers must be patient in doing a good task through all the baby's fidgeting, wobbling and pushing. It takes a lot of practice to master the correct position of the baby while placing and fastening the diaper. The same goes for training a toddler to use the potty. The routine of reminding the child to use the potty requires patience. It is also helpful to put the toddler in training pants in case of slip ups in the potty training. At this stage, the toddler must be kept at home and avoid public areas as much as possible for the training to be continuous and regular.

Early learning: Toddler formation in books and play

Toddlers must be encouraged to optimize their curiosity through children's books with its stories, an activity table, mazes and other forms of play. Reading a story to a toddler stimulates his imagination, improves his vocabulary, encourages questioning, and develops inference-making. Introducing the basic concepts and materials of learning during early childhood will promote the creation of toddler milestones in such a young age.

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I have an 18mth old that doesn't go to bed before 12am, sleeps all night and wants to wake up about 10am. He takes a 2 hr nap during the day about 2pm. Does anyone know what I can do to have him in bed by at least 10pm?
13 years ago