Children's Books 

Childhood is that time in life when the imagination is free from the clutter of adult ideas that tell you "you shouldn't waste your time daydreaming", or "you live in a world of fairy tales." If the truth were told, we could all do with a good day or two of allowing our minds to work like children's minds work. That's why it is important to feed the fertile soil of a child's mind with books that will stimulate and encourage imagination, intellect, and investigation. In this section, we will broaden horizons as we offer interesting articles about children's books, and also books for adults to use with and for their children.

It Starts When They're Babies

Giving children the gift of literacy is a remarkable thing. Beginning with a new baby gift of a soft fabric book to play with, a child can begin to learn how a book feels in their hands. A bright little book that fits into small hands is a great baby gift for a tiny tot. Learning the alphabet through a colorfully illustrated book is often the start of a love affair with literature. Children enjoy being read to, and you both can have giggles and pleasure from sharing quiet moments reading bedtime stories together. Many of us can remember the stories of Peter Rabbit that were first read to us and then we learned to read ourselves.

As They Get Older

Little girls love fairies and little boys love dragons. That's just the way it is. Keeping young minds fertile with stories that tease the imagination helps children create wonderful compositions in school. Children who spend time reading usually have better comprehension skills, spelling and language skills and get higher grades. Science fiction opens a door to wonder and excitement. Many hard-core sci-fi writers got their start as a youngster reading "Stories From Outer Space". Where would we be today without the wonderful world of Harry Potter? Those novels alone carried readers into a world of mystery, magic, and marvel and have been read by millions worldwide (and many of those readers have been adults).

World Travels And Travelers

Worlds come close through books. You can travel the globe experiencing other cultures, times and places, without leaving home. Folk tales, while often embellished, give a marvelous view into the cultures of people, their lives, their beliefs and ideas. Biographies, another type of non-fiction writing, brings people into a child's life. They can meet and get to know exciting characters from the past, makers of history and molders of society, even though the person may be long gone. How many of us were impressed by someone we once read about, and our lives were forever changed by the impact of their story. Books can introduce your child to people who can influence them for good and challenge them to become more of what they dream of becoming.

Anything Your Heart Desires

Self-help books for children are fun and educational. By learning to build or create things through following instructions, they gain a valuable skill. Children's poems, besides being a fun read, are a good way for children to experience rhythm in words and they're easy to memorize - yet another skill being taught through reading. Along with poetry, there are wonderful children's music books that teach both music and lyrics. Songs stay with you forever.  Music books and self-help books are great teaching resources for mothers to help their children excel in school.

Books also make unique gifts for older children. A collection of the Narnia Chronicles, or Lord of the Rings, will light up the eyes and life of any young person. A personalized gift of a very special book is often an item that is treasured throughout the years - traveling with the owner from childhood to adulthood. Some of us hold in our possession books that belonged to our grandparents and great-grandparents. They have become family heirlooms.

Where To Buy Them

There seems to be no limit to the books that are readily available in huge bookstores across the world. You can find great treasures in little second-hand book shops. Great deals can be had at the touch of your finger by shopping for books on-line. Another great way to get a good book "read" is through audio books. These modern miracles make a long trip an adventure and your children are engaged in a worthwhile activity while they sit buckled into their seats.

Childhood is such a special time. Enhance your children's lives with the blessing of books.

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