Unique Gifts 

There seems to be no end to the innovations and unique gift ideas that are available to make a child's birthday or holiday exceptional. Finding that perfect gift can take a lot of time these days as we find ourselves enthralled with the latest gadgets and wonders designed for our kids.

Valentine's Day Treats

Valentine's Day is a special holiday, one that has a lot of symbolism attached to it. When we think Valentine's Day, we usually think of plush bears with hearts on the toes and chocolates wrapped in pink. But, what about some of the latest ideas for unique Valentine's gifts for kids, like a personalized teddy bear or a puzzle that, when assembled, spells the child's name? Personalized clothing is almost a given, and bandanas are a close second. Engraved bookmarks, toys with the child's name on them, and picture frames, posters, and albums that are all personalized are right up there, too. One of our favorites is the personalized candy wrappers - just in case the little guy forgot who gave him the candy bar.

A Christmas To Remember

Another holiday that brings out the best of ideas is, of course, Christmas. Games still rank pretty high on the popularity scale, with Wild Planet Animal Scrabble and Monopoly some of the current favorites for children. The Karito Kids dolls are fun for little girls and also help other little kids around the world. You choose where the money (3% of every doll sold) goes by going to the Karito website and logging onto World Change. Several toys are supporting world causes now, so you can feel good knowing that a portion of what you spend goes to help other children. Digital spy camera glasses make any young fellow a James Bond, and Your Very Own Rainbow is an interesting light that projects a rainbow into a child's room. There are home planetariums for kids and personalized travel pillows and soft blankets to accompany them on road trips.

That Special Little Girl's Birthday

Birthdays are special because they honor the child and his or her own special preferences and personality. The "Girlie Girl" might like a shoe decorating kit, complete with shoes to decorate and wear or a "make your own beauty products" where she gets to design her own beauty line. Beautifully illustrated fairy books and jewelry boxes with her birthstone and name are additional sweet gifts. The "Wild Child" would go head-over-heels (literally) for a scooter with her name on it, or a copy of the Double Daring Book for Girls. Camping gear, skate shoes, and an Eyeclops mini-projector could all be very appealing. If she's a "Creative Thinker", then designing her own fashion line or jewelry line may be right up her alley. Craft books and the accompanying supplies will keep her happy for hours. An all-time favorite for creative kids is musical instruments and children's music.  The gift of music keeps children entertained for a lifetime.

For The Boys In Your Life

For the best boy in your life, who may be a "Wild Child" a pair of gravity defying fast-motion shoes will give him a thrill (and you a potential heart attack), or he can leave his own tracks with Polliwalk sandals. A miniature version of a hi-tech helicopter that is remote control could cause a battle between father and son-all male people seem to love them. Your "Creative Thinker" will love mosaics that he can design himself or create his own films with a video camcorder for kids. Personalizing his own picture frames can bring him great delight. The "Wiz Kid" could lock himself away for hours with the Mythbuster Science Kit, and Thinkfun Strategy Games will keep him busy as well. There is no end to the numbers of science kits, books, and games you can buy for this guy (or girl if you have a she-wiz-kid). Don't forget our "All Star Athlete" who is delighted with all things sports. Baseball training gear in a personalized duffel bag will make his day. How about designing his own Converse sneakers to wear to the sports field - no more lost shoes and the envy of everyone to-boot. One gift that has survived the test of time is the story book. Story books can be purchased in kids gift shops where you can have them personalized with the child's name and birth date. OR, why not check out some of the latest sites geared toward creating a special book for that special child.

Here Comes The Bride - Something Unique for the Couple

Another place for a unique gift is a wedding. When couples get married, they often like to have a special reading done at the celebration. Wedding readings can be serious, taken from Shakespeare or Yates, or they can be more whimsical (Taken from Winnie the Pooh). Wedding readings from children's books are sweet, fun, and endearing. A unique and delightful wedding gift is to have the wedding reading from the children's book chosen by the couple framed for them.

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