Family Finances

Arguably one of the most challenges aspects of family life is managing the finances. Although all parents want to be able to give their children “the good life,” it’s important to be realistic when it comes to what you can actually afford.  Sitting down and creating a realistic budget is the first step to getting your family finances under control.  For one month write down every purchase your make and every penny spent as a way of keeping track of how much you really spend, and on what.  Then, find ways to cut some of these expenses and set up a sort of savings fund for the future.  You may want to look into special college savings funds you can arrange for your child.

Planning Your Finances

One of the best ways to set your family up for success is by planning ahead. If you’ve recently become pregnant or are considering getting pregnant, you should become informed on the costs of raising a child, so you can start getting prepared well in advance.  Find out more about how much it really costs to raise a child and about how much money you will need to invest each year in clothes, diapers, formula, baby food, toys, baby furniture, etc...  Check out our articles on shopping for a bargin and get some great insight into how to get more for less.  Garage sales and second hand shops are also great places to look for deals on the many baby items you will need.  This is a great way to buy baby clothing really cheap since this is something you don't want to spend a lot of money one--especially since in the first year your baby will change clothing sizes every three months!

Saving For the Future

Saving for the future is particularly important when it comes to saving for your child’s education, as the costs continue to grow. With tuition rates rapidly growing, now more than ever is a great time to learn about the different types of investment plans like 401ks, mutual funds, and bonds, available to your family.  Find out how to start preparing for your child's future today.  By putting aside just a little bit of money every month from the time your child is still a baby, you will be able to save enough over eighteen years to afford to send your child to college.  Learn more about how to financially prepare for  the future.


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