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You and your partner are ready to do some baby making. It's an exciting prospect and one that can end up being a bit challenging at times. Before you conceive, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your pregnancy goes well and both you and baby will be healthy. This site is dedicated to helping you before, during and after your pregnancy. We offer a plethora of information and explanations for things that are inherent in pregnancy.

So, You're Trying to Get Pregnant

Find out how diet and fertility supplements help you to prepare your body for the pregnancy you are planning. If you've been having some challenges conceiving, our Trying to Get Pregnant section can offer you some reasons why that might be so. And, it isn't just about you. Your partner's health is critical to the success of your pregnancy, so have him check out the article about laptops and cell phones. If you had a tubal ligation or are dealing with some fertility issues like luteal phase defect or uterine factors, learn about how making changes can help you along.

Preconception care is important for both you and your partner. In this section you'll learn about the effects of alcohol, smoking, and environmental factors on your fertility and on his as well. Caffeine has a negative effect as do a number of dietary factors. To be ready for conception, it is important that you prepare your body and your mind. Find out more about what is good for you and what isn't and how you can make the changes you need to make to ensure conception and a healthy pregnancy.

The Question of the Day

Of course, the question of the day until you know you've conceived will be "When am I ovulating?" Your reproductive system is an amazing work of art and involves not only the organs in your pelvis, but several within the brain as well. Discover how it all works and how you can determine when you are ovulating so you can plan conception. But, don't get so hung up on the "baby-sex" that you forget to just have fun and enjoy one another. In our section on conception, we'll give you information that will help you make the most of those fertile days, and will help him repair any sperm damage he's experienced so that when you connect, you really connect.

Then comes the day you wake up feeling odd, and ask yourself ,"Am I Pregnant?" In this section you'll discover the many ways you will be able to confirm your pregnancy - both with home pregnancy tests and by the pregnancy signs and pregnancy symptoms you will undoubtedly experience. Have fun calculating when your baby is due and then get some real chuckles as you discover some of the old wives' tales that have surrounded pregnancy and birth for centuries. Can you determine the sex of your child? There are myths, facts, and ultrasound pictures to help you out. Follow the growth and development of your baby in our Fetal Development section where you can "see" what's going on from week to week.

Planning Financially

Maybe this isn't your first child. If you're planning a second (or third) pregnancy, there are things you will want to consider. Learn about them in our section called Preparing for Pregnancy. We offer you excellent input on preparing financially, spacing children, and making some of the hard decisions about bringing another baby into the equation. If this is your first pregnancy, there is information to let you know how a baby can change your lives, your home, and your relationship. Remember, having a baby is a totally life-changing experience for everyone concerned.

When the time comes to give birth, you'll want to be fully apprised of what lies before you. Again, there will be decisions to make regarding where the baby will be born, whether you'll have pain medication, childbirth classes, breastfeeding, and myriad other topics. Our Childbirth Preparation section is chockfull of excellent articles to help you become better informed so you can make choices that are best for you and your specific situation.

When You Can't Give Birth

Perhaps having a biological child of your own isn't possible for you. Adoption is a wonderful way to fill the void of a child in your life. Learn about the process and options you have available to you. The Adoption section offers you links and important information about costs, international and domestic adoption and challenges you to ask the hard questions.

For more links to information about getting pregnancy, see this page.

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