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Is A Nurse Also A Midwife?

Many nurses are or can be midwives, but not all midwives are nurses. Midwifery is a healthcare profession that offers specialty care to childbearing women during pregnancy through the postpartum period. They also care for the newborn up to six weeks of age. Nursing programs in nursing schools or universities provide opportunities to obtain a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree (BSN) or a Master of Science Nursing degree (MSN). Either way, the title given to a person who has completed the courses and is registered with the College of Nursing is the title RN - Registered Nurse.

Becoming a Nurse

In order to work in the nursing profession, all nurses hold credentials in one or more areas, depending upon the scope of their interest and education. Depending upon the country where the nurse lives or works, the amount of time and the accreditation may be different. In some places, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) does not require a degree - a two year certificate will suffice in order to earn the designation. An RN requires a bachelors degree, which is two more years than a certificate (in Canada). An RN requires a bachelors degree, which is two more years than a certificate (in Canada). In a healthcare setting, an RN is able to provide scientific, psychological, and technical knowledge to the family of patients and to patients themselves. Additionally, a registered nurse can obtain additional credentials which allows them to work as Nurse Practitioners, First Assistant, Clinical Nurse Specialist, or Nurse-Midwife.

Certified Nurse-Midwives

Certified nurse-midwives who also are registered nurses with postgraduate training in midwifery are very influential and important in the current move toward more "natural and homey" birthing experiences in a hospital environment - a result of the alternative birth movement in which nurse-midwives played (and continue to play) a significant part. At the turn of this century, nurse-midwives have enjoyed virtually universal legal recognition across the US and their input has data to prove that their involvement has improved the outcomes of low-risk pregnancies.

There are opportunities for nurses who want to specialize to get into an accelerated nursing program, either online or at the university or nursing school they prefer. If the basics for acceptance into an accelerated program are met, the right grade point average is the main one, it is possible to complete a nursing course in one half to two-thirds the time it would take in a full-time course. Many of these are online nursing programs, but it is important to stress that not all specialized courses can be taken online.

Joining the Army Affords Benefits

The Army offers some serious opportunities for women who want to become nurses and serve in the military. Nursing students who are also Army ROTC Cadets can benefit by receiving both training and financial assistance for college. Leadership experience helps to prepare an Army nurse for life both within and outside of the military arena. Undergraduate nursing students can receive a nursing scholarship through the Army ROTC program that offers two, three or four-year scholarship programs. A nurse in the military achieves the status of Corps Officer and not only is able to practice nursing, but also has additional enhanced training and education.

Available for All Types of Nursing

As with all types of nursing experience and training, it can be extended to cover midwifery. After all, women in all walks of life have babies, and by having additional credentials in the area of midwifery, a nurse or nurse-practitioner can apply their skills and knowledge to one of the most wonderful and pleasant nursing jobs on the planet - bringing a new life into the world. Certified nurse midwives are registered nurses who have continued their education in the specialty of obstetrics. Most CNMs work only with physician backup in a hospital environment, however, some have home birth practices as well.


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