Check up after the abortion

You will be given an appointment to be checked again two weeks after the abortion. Don't miss that appointment.

You need to be checked to ensure there is no uterine infection and that you are healing properly. It takes two weeks or longer for the cervix to close completely after an abortion. Once it is closed and normal than it is safe to swim, bathe, and have intercourse.

If the cervix is still open, the chances of infection are very high, causing pain and possible damage. Also, you need to know that the abortion was complete and there is no left-over tissue.

If there is, then it is necessary for a D&C to have the remaining tissue removed. If you plan to become pregnant again, you will want the to have a healthy and safe pregnancy, which means dealing with the health of the uterus after an abortion.

Your period after abortion

Your period after an abortion will likely be different from what it was prior to becoming pregnant, and it may come at different time, not so regularly. It takes between six months to two years for things to return to normal after an abortion.

Your period after the abortion may vary in length from month to month and the amount of bleeding and cramping may vary from a little to a lot and may be different every month.

Depression and PASS

Depression after an abortion is usually evident. Post abortion stress syndrome (PASS) is a controversial topic in some circles.

The Prolife people claim it is real, and those who have had an abortion attest to it, and the ProChoice people claim it's a trick to get legislation through that fights abortion.

Who is telling the truth?

While there are no official studies to date, the overwhelming evidence is that women suffer with a syndrome that is characterized by stress and depression. A fear and avoidance of medical buildings or situations and any type of invasive medical procedure causes extreme anxiety.

Things that trigger a gynecological exam, or procedures that require needles or something put into the body are other fear evoking situations for women with PASS.

Not wanting to have anyone touch you or come into your personal space is still another sign of PASS. There are myriad signs and symptoms of a woman who is going through post abortion stress syndrome, or post abortion depression.

These and many more symptoms are signs that counseling and therapy may be the best choice.

If you have had an abortion and are experiencing signs of depression or PASS, seek help. If you know someone who is in this state and is downplaying it - get help.

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