Pregnant And Over Forty

Pregnancy is a challenge for any woman, but perhaps no more so than for the woman who finds herself pregnant with an unexpected child after the age of

 forty. The questions and concerns you may have can seem overwhelming. This article aims to guide you through the process of sorting out your situation. Here are some common questions you may have regarding your condition:

*How will it be to parent a child at this late date?

*Will having a baby have an adverse affect on your career or your ability to retire as scheduled?

*Will the baby's arrival be hard on the children you already have?

*How will the father of the baby react?

*Will the pregnancy have an ill effect on your health?

*Will the baby be deformed or sickly?

Common Emotions

A lot of women facing pregnancy in their forties are already parents and may be married or in committed relationships. In other cases, women may be single mothers or just divorced and facing the prospect of becoming a single parent. No matter the particulars of the situation, the emotions involved with being pregnant and over forty are bound to be complex. Common emotions include:

Fear—You have no idea how the father will take to the news of this pregnancy.

Chagrin—You did your best but even the pill can sometimes fail.

Denial—Lots of women over forty believe they can't get pregnant.

Often times, the older pregnant woman makes an erroneous assumption and attributes her symptoms of early pregnancy to menopause. It's true that many of the symptoms of these two conditions resemble each other. Women who haven't been trying to conceive and believe they are of menopausal age and past the possibility of sustaining new life may be shocked to discover they are pregnant, instead.

Similar Symptoms 

Some symptoms which are common to both pregnancy and menopause in the over-forty woman include:

*Frequent urination


*Breast tenderness

*Overwhelming fatigue

*Moodiness and mood swings

*Absent or missed periods

Hone In

If you do find yourself in the situation of being pregnant and over forty, you'll need to consider all the issues, review your options, and create a plan to guide you through this time. You will need to hone in on the most important issues and focus on how to cope and make it through this time with your finances, as well as your emotional and physical health, intact. Some of the issues that may take precedence include figuring out how the baby will impact on your lifestyle, your family, your finances, and any future plans. Examine your options and make the best choices available to you and your family.

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I'm 45 next month, had unprotected sec on my fertile days and I am now four days late. I have taken a hpt on day one and today and both negative. I have a regular 27 day cycle so I'm wondering if I'm pregnant. I don't have period signs such as normally my breast get painful and I'm unsure if I have slight sickness or whether it's my mind playing tricks. If I have missed a period in the past its only when pregnant or am I getting peri menopausal? Could the tests be wrong?
9 years ago