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The last fifty years have seen a revolutionary change in the number of names being used to name babies. The fifty most popular names in the 1950's accounted for the names chosen for 63.4 % of all baby boys and 52% of baby girls. However, in the year 2004, the top fifty names represented only 34.6% of infant boys and 24.4 infant girls born in that year. The trend appears to be related to the influx of immigrants to American from all different cultures and ethnicities. It has also become standard practice to include unusual names in our baby names lists.


Because parents now have more choice, it is more important than ever to research the topic with thoroughness before choosing the ultimate name for your infant. You will want to research the meaning and history of the name, and you might think about whether or not the name reflects on your particular cultural and ethnic roots. You might like to learn about famous personalities, such as movie characters or the names of characters in literature who shared their name with your new baby, since this will become a part of his heritage, too.


Is it a Memorable Name, or is it a Plain Jane Name Like, Well, Jane?


It's also a good idea to consider certain issues such as the ease with which people will be able to pronounce and spell your child's name. Is it a memorable name, or is it a plain Jane name like, well, Jane? Are there nicknames associated with the name you've chosen, such as Billy for William, or Peggy for Margaret? Better an associated nickname, than a hurtful one like Metal Mouth, not that there's any guarantee that a child won't develop a dismaying nickname. What about the initials? Do they form an embarrassing word? It may seem like going to far, but some consideration in advance of naming your child can spare him or her a lifetime of embarrassment.  Does the name sound like a word that has an unpleasant or humiliating connotation? Check a good dictionary to be sure.


Do the Initials Form an Embarrassing Word?


Reconsider giving your child the name of a politician or celebrity who is a leading character in current events. In twenty years, or less, this personality might be the butt of jokes, and your child along with him. There's no way to predict the future and you don't want your child stuck for life with a name that has a negative association.


Whether to use a common or an unusual name is a parent's choice, and each style has its positive and negative aspects. 


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