Back And Rib Pain

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Dawn - May 7

I found that by gently ma__saging and pushing down on my abdomen under my right ribs the pain subsides. It also seems to help my mid-back pain (which I suspect is my ribs expanding from the pressure below.) Try it! I was miserable until I discovered it.


cari - May 15

I have the same pain on the right side just under my ribs..seems to happen after I eat. I can't stand it anymore. My doctor says it is normal. Why hasn't anyone ever told me about it before? I can't tell if it is constipation or what. I am 28 weeks and miserable because of this pain. Driving can be unbearable at times. I just can't get comfortable in the car or anywhere else for that matter. Lying down is my only salvation.


Valery - May 16

I had a similar sounding pain and my OB is sending me for an ultrasound as he believes where this pain is situated is where my gall bladder is. I eat heaps of fish, salad and veges, but apparently some women produce alot of estrogen during pregnancy which irriates the gall bladder and may create irritation or stones. I will let you know how my test goes as i'm sure mine is not diet related and i've never carried excess weight.


Valery - May 24

My ultrasound was normal no gall stones or any abnormalities. But unfortunately the pain is worse and is now like a pinching at my upper right rib that doesn't go away, the pain only reduces. I am only 27 weeks pregnant, and I dread having to put up with this for another three months. It will be hard work.


cari - May 24

I am so glad there weren't any problems. My doctor finally told me that the baby is most likely breech. That throws a wrench in my plans. The pain is still there, and like you said, it only reduces, it never goes away. If the baby doesn't move at 36 weeks, they will try and move him. (I hear that is painful as well)


LORI - May 25

I have terrible pain under my left b___st in the rib area it goes around to my back....most of the girls seem to have it on the right side (some days I get it on both sides!!) I am a hair stylist so it worst during the time i'm working. Does anyone else get it on both sides? or the left side? Does anyone know what it is?


Dianna - May 26

I am experiencing the same awful pain. It is constant and has been for about 4 weeks. I am 24 weeks with twins. I spoke to my doctor and he said it was normal and to take tylenol but it doesn't help. He also suggested that I take Vitamin E. I don't see how that will help, but I'm willing ot try anything at this point. I cannot sit or stand for any length of time anymore. The pain just seems to get worse every day.


Amy - May 27

It was interesting to read about the pain that many here have described. I am 32 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy and this is the worst it's ever been. My pain is on the left side under my ribs and wraps around to the back. It was on both sides with my first pregnancy. The only way to get relief is to lay down completely stretched out. The days I move around a lot doing yard work or exercising are better too.


Libby - June 1

Like Valery, I had an ultrasound of my gall bladder last pregnancy (late 2003) due to the pain under my right ribs and back. My gall bladder was fine, but you could definitely see how squished the organs get in there. I am having the same pain this pregnancy - started at about 30 weeks and has become more frequent. It's just one of those things to put up with, I guess. Good to listen to your body and get things checked out when concerned, though. P.S. I also agree with Dawn on the helps. Good luck all!


Rebecca - June 8

OK, here's something weird that I noticed. I have that same pain under my right ribs, and when I drop my head down (chin touching chest) ~ it seems to pull a little more there and there's a little more pain! What in the world? Anyone tried this? I hope it's not my gallbladder, just my uterus and abdomen stretching!


Geraldine - June 13

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been having a dull, irritating pain on my right side, just under my b___st. Sometimes it goes around to the back aswell. I have found that propping cushions just under my ribs and supporting that side whilst sitting helps to relieve the pain. I know it's the baby as I have a little foot that keeps kicking me on my rib cage!


terri - June 16

i like the rest of you have had this nagging pain under my right rib cage.this is my second pregnancy and i had it earlier with my first (about twenty weeks). this time it started at about 30 weeks but is getting worse, i am now 34 weeks and all i do is grimace in pain most of the day. one trick i discovered quite by accident is to apply an ice pack to the area, i had rested an ice cold bottle of water on the area and quickly realized that it gave it some relief. since then at bedtime i take an ice gel pack and apply it at bedtime , works great for me! hang in there everybody!!


Sabrina - June 20

ATTENTION ALL!!!.... Pain in your upper right abdomen that may or may not extend into your back causing mild to extreme dull or burning pain can be a sign that your gall bladder is having problems!! It is not something to ignore. Gall bladder attacks are common among pregnant women and may need to be removed to prevent further problems such as pancreitus (sp?) This is not something that you should think is just part of pregnancy. Unless you have spoke to your Dr and ruled out any possible dangerous threat, you should be concerned and get in to see the Dr as soon as you can. Some Drs will sum your pain up as "heartburn". If tums do not help, it is NOT heartburn. Have your Drs office do an ultrasound of your gall bladder area to look for possible gallstones or infection! I am having this same pain as I write this post. My ultrasound was last Friday and I am waiting to hear the results. I wasn't able to find out the same day because my Dr wasn't in the office. (perhaps I should just call today to find out the results, eh?) Anyways, good luck to all... and don't be scared to be the woman who cried wolf! It's alot better to be worried and wrong than unconcerned and have increased problems.


Jessicca - June 21

I've felt the same things your feeling in your first trimester. I'm in my third trimester now and this is my very first pregnancy! You'll be feeling those throughout your whole pregnancy! Your belly is stretching and growing room for the baby so your'll be feeling ALOT of pains in your ribs, abdomen, back and sides! Good luck!


Kates - June 29

I have this and it's getting on my nerves now as it's so distracting! I am 23+ weeks and it's gradually got worse over the last 6 weeks were now it is constant and the only relife is a hot water bottle and lying down. I am off to see the DR tomorrow but expect the "it's normal" response :-(


Banu - June 29

I have posted a message at this forum on 29th April when I was 24 week pregnant. At that time I had very severe pain on the right side just under my b___sts. Now I am 33 week pregnant. After my 29th week, the pain has gone by itself just like magic. I didn't take any medication or any therapies. The only thing I tried is stretching exercise, whenever I used to get this pain. It used to give me bit relief. But after few days it has disappeared completely. Now I feel like I am free again. I hope this helps.



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