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sophieoakley - December 2

HI Ladies, i have just found out i am pregnant nearly 5 weeks due date will be 9th August, anyone out there who has just found out they are pregnant and want to share?


saramcg - December 2

Hi sophie! I was JUST thinking of coming over here and starting this thread! Looks like you beat me to it...haha...I know sophie from another post, but YES...if there is anyone out there with an August due date, please feel free to come and join us...we all need support getting ourselves through everything, and what a better way to start than from the beginning! So a little about me...I am due with my third child on Aug 2nd. I have a boy (3) and a girl (1) so very anxious to see which way the scale will tip for our family!


Pearl - December 3

I am due on August 7th. This will be my 4th child. Girl (9) and 2 boys (6 & 2). I welcome the baby, but it is all kind of a shock. I had an IUD put in after my last son and sometime within the last 4 weeks, it slipped. It was fully expelled on Monday (Thankfully it can't harm the baby now). Tuesday I tested positive, called the doctor on Wednesday and took another test (to be sure-couldn't believe just one-lol) and today I went in and had my levels checked. I am at 484 (I think that's what the nurse said) and I go back in on Monday for a comparison level. My husband and I haven't told the other kids yet let alone our families. Have you guys told anyone yet? When do you plan on telling them?


Manchuda - December 4

Sophie, I also found out I am going to be a mother last week. I believe you know the excitement. I believe I am 4 - 5 weeks which makes my due date 2010.


FABIOLA - December 4



sophieoakley - December 5

Hi everyone, nice to meet you all. well i am 5 weeks today. i have a son of 15months. so far i am feeling fine just a little cramping now and then. i will see the doctor again on monday. i Hve been sorting out the house like crazy and enjoying it! I feel i need to be prepared because last preganacy the sickness and tiredness was so bad i couldnt do much. Sara..glad you came over sorry i beat you too it i was a little impatient! but i still go to the other forum to see how Nino and Hoping are doing. Pearl.. Congrats! i have told close family and a few friends. Its hard to keep it secret from them if your the all day vomiting type! :( but for the others i will wait till 4 months. Manchuda..also congrats! do you now your due date? probaly near mine. is it your first child? yes there is lot of excitement especially after the whole tww! Hi Fabiola.. maybe you should take a test to see if you are or see a doctor.


watchmegrow - December 5

I have had all the symptoms for a early pregnancy.. I had some cramping with some pink blood went to the er last night they did some test and said i was not pregnant they did an ultrasound and saw a sack but nothing with a machine on wheels.. Could that mean that the implant has not taken its course yet?? Also a test would come back negative till the impant as finished is what I read on all the websites I have looked into.. Is this right.. I am a mom of 3 boys already 16..13..and 9.. Never had morning sickness till now!! Please Help


Pearl - December 5

I have been sick off and on but it's been easy to keep it to myself so far. I wasn't sick when I was pregnant with my boys, just my girl. We will see what happens. We would all be happy with a boy or girl. Doesn't really matter. Waiting until 4 months to tell everyone? That's not an option for me. lol I started showing (swollen belly) at 9 weeks with my last one and I started getting questions at work about it. I have a slightly swollen belly right now but I have been wearing nice big sweatshirts to kind of cover up. I don't want to tell anyone too early if there is some chance of miscarriage. It a big fear of mine. I also can't wait too long because I am already getting looks (I am not one to wear big sweatshirts in public-usually blazers, heels and jeans-but I can't b___ton the blazers because of the giant b___bs and the heels are hurting my feet now). The bloating is getting to me-making me feel really fat already. We are spending this weekend getting more organized so that when the time comes we can pull the crib out of the storage room and get it ready without a problem. I know it's early but I don't want to be stuck doing all of the hard work in the last trimester. I want to be prepared. What are everyone's major symptoms? Other than being sick, having some bloating and b___st swelling, I am great. I have been a little tired (sleeping about 9 hours per night-the usual is 5 hours) but nothing else really. OH! REALLY strange dreams too.


tritty - December 5

Hi Ladies! I also found out last week! My due date is August 1st! I just made it into this forum :) I have a daughter that will be 3 in about 2 months. My daughter was a surprise (I was on antibiotics and got pregnant) and this pregnancy is also a surprise. LOL! But we are thrilled to be adding to our family! We plan to tell our families on Christmas day. We already bought our daughter a "Big Sister" t-shirt and she'll probably show up Christmas morning wearing it. Or we may wrap it and have her open it in front of the whole family. Not sure what we want to do yet. I'm hoping to get to the doctor in the next week or so just to confirm everything. I am having some bleeding/spotting that has been freaking me out a bit but I remember having spotting with my dd into the second trimester. At this point I'm just a__suming that's how my body deals with pregnancy. Are you guys feeling ok? Any morning sickness? Can't wait to get to know you all better!


Pearl - December 6

My husband and I have talked about wrapping a newborn diaper in with all of the family members gifts this year for Christmas. I think it's a cute idea. With our last child we bought them all bibs that said "I love my Auntie" and "#1 Grandpa" etc. That was really cute. When they opened them they all burst into tears. I go in to the doctor tomorrow to have my levels checked for the second time. If they are good then we know that the IUD didn't cause any problems. I am sick off and on but it's usually at night. Kind of strange.


sophieoakley - December 7

Pearl, i think thats a great idea. when do you usually start showing? i wasnt till 4 months with my first. i hope its sooner this time. the problem is i still have my baby weight from my last pregnancy? Welcome Tritty, i am going to get my son a t shirt with older brother on it now . i dont have any morning sickness just a little cramping but i generelly feel very energetic! last pregnancy i was so tired. but...i am only 5 weeks so you never know whats round the corner.


Pearl - December 7

I didn't show until well into my 6th month with my first one (coworkers were shocked when I told them I was almost 7 months). I started to show around 3 months with my second. When I was pregnant with my 3rd I started getting questions around 9 weeks or so. My clothes were tight around the middle and I started covering up a bit. I am hoping I can keep this one on the DL for a little while (at least until we get through the 3rd month). With my last one, I told everyone (coworkers and boss) at 13 weeks. I figured it was safe by that time. I still have some of the belly weight from the last pregnancy and I think that is causing a bit of a bulge. I am bloated as well. Kind of sucks but I will figure something out. I went this morning and got my blood work done (second test-compare levels) and should have the results within the next 90 minutes. I am so excited and hopeful (hope levels looks great). What's everyone considering for a birthing plan? This will be my 4th C-section. Scheduled for July 28th as of now.


saramcg - December 7

HI girls... Welcome manchuda and fabiola...and more news with the two of you? anything confirmed with you yet? that is weird that there was a sac, but an hpt still showed up negative. I hope it works itself out! did they try a blood test on you? tritty...congrats on your second surprise! sorry about the spotting. Hopefully that is just normal for you. do you go to the docs any time soon just to make sure that all is ok? Sophie...I know you said you had a doc appt today. How did it go??? Pearl...congrats on your 4th...that is crazy that your iud feel out and that you are pregnant right away!!! It was meant to be then...and WOW, you are SUPER prepared...already amking room for the crib AND you have a C-section date did you determine the due they still just go by LMP even with the IUD? How are your numbers? AFM...I reached 6 wks yesterday...I am officially past when I m/c'd my 2nd pregnancy! I am not out of the woods yet, but I feel a little better. I have my first ultrasound next Monday, and if all goes well with that, we will start to tell people...for my first we did the whole "bib" thing at christmas...very cool... For my second pregnancy i had my son wear an "i'm a big brother" shirt. It was cute, but that is the pregnancy I lost. For my 3rd pregnancy, we didn't dp much of anything...just let people find out I guess. Not sure what we will do this time around? I started with a bit of noticable nausea yesterday...hope it doesn't keep up, but I'm glad to be feeling something. Hope you girls are all doing well...keep cookin those little ones!!!


Pearl - December 7

Just got my results. I am up to 997 so everything is looking great. They decided the due date based on LMP and then did blood tests to confirm. I go in for my first prenatal on 1/11. I am super excited. They determined the C-section date by going approximately during the 38th week. My doctor does the surgeries on Wednesdays so that's the date we got. I am stuck with the C-section because my first three were cesarean babies. I want to hear about the appointment Sophie! Anyone have strange cravings yet? I know it's early but I have been avoiding food like the plague! Nothing sounds good anymore. Hot herbal tea always sounds delicious though lol. I have also been forcing myself to have at least 2 pieces of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables everyday. Other than that nothing is really staying down.


tritty - December 7

Sara- thanks! i too am hoping that spotting is just the "norm" for me. No bad cramping or anything that would indicate anything wrong with the pregnancy. so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i actually didn't have health insurance when i got found out i was pregnant so i've been waiting for that to go through before i make my first appointment. insurance will kick in on the 15th and i'm calling tomorrow to set up my first appointment. so i'll keep you guys posted. Pearl, congrats on the great numbers! i'm sure that's nice to know! i also had a c-section with my first daughter and am excited for a second one! i absolutely loved having a c-section. i thought it was so easy and recovery was not bad at all! Speaking of cravings.... i started suspecting I was pregnant when i started craving vinegar and i NEVER eat vinegar. I wanted tons of vinegar on my fries (which i got fries just to have the vinegar) and salt and vinegar chips. I don't think I've ever bought salt and vinegar chips in all my life but i HAD to have them. Now I just crave fruit. Which is much better for me anyhow! QUESTION! Have you guys heard about Intelligender? It's a urine test you can buy online to predict the s_x of your baby at 10 weeks. I'M TOTALLY GONNA DO IT! I'm going to buy mine now and I can't wait to try it out. It says its 80% accurate but I think it'd be fun just to try. I'm too impatient to wait until 20 weeks. lol! hope you guys are feeling well! keep us posted on your progress!


Pearl - December 7

I heard about that test. I saw one in Walgreens but I am not sure of the details. Not sure what brand it was either. I think it ran like $26.99 or so? I don't know if it works but it would be cool to see if it did. You ladies want a boy or girl? What about multiples? Have any of you thought of that possibility yet?


tritty - December 7

My hair dresser is pregnant and she said she was going to try it. I hadn't heard of it until then so I googled it and this specific brand (Intelligender) is almost $40 but was covered on MAJOR tv shows and they all say it works. Maybe I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff but I can't wait to find out! I feel bad saying that I want a certain gender but the honest truth is that I have ZERO desire for a boy. I don't know why. I guess I'm just not wired for a boy. I love having my daughter and I think every girl needs a sister so I'd LOVE to have another girl. I need to get over this though because I don't want to be disappointed with a boy. My sister is the exact opposite. She has a son and wants another boy. maybe we both want what we're already comfortable with. i dont' know what it is. ultimately, i want a healthy baby, as all mothers do but if i could wave a magic wand and get what i wanted..... it'd be a girl. (how's that for honesty?) how about you pearl? do you have a preference?



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