3 Cm Dilated

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Amy - March 15

Try eating fresh pineapple as it worked to help soften cervix and things happened that night. Plus it tastes good and is good for baby so not much to loose


Emma - March 15

How do u know that u r dilated? My midwife hasnt offered to check or do a membrane sweep, i have been havin period pains for days and back ache. Im nearly 40 weeks. How come u all know how dilated u r? My midwife wont do anythin till im at least 42 weeks. How can i get her to do somethin sooner? Please help.


Lisa - March 18

I am 37 weeks and 2cm dilated - you just know I am going to be getting pineapple at the store on the way home. I was hoping that being 2cm dilated was a good sign and that labor would start soon .... hmm, I guess I was wrong. Any other suggestions to get this little man out of me sooner rather than later, I'm done with the pressure !!!


marie - March 27

I was dilated 1 cm at 27 weeks, 2 cm at 29 weeks and now 3 cm at 34 weeks. Can't wait 'till my appt at 35 weeks. The thing is...my OB has mentioned that my cervix is still very "thick" and hasn't started thinning out yet. So I've not started to efface. This may mean that I could sit at 3 to 4cm for another few weeks or until my due date. I'll be sure to ask my OB at the 35 wk appt if I've started effacing even the slightest little bit! I shouldn't be excited for that since baby isn't full term yet...but I can't help but to be a little bit excited!


Lisa - April 12

I went into preterm labor at 27 weeks. My dr. gave me a medicine called terbutaline sulf. I had to take the medicine every six hours for eight days. I was 2.4 cm dilated then. Now I am 3 cm dilated and 50%. I am 38 weeks. I have been 3 cm dilated for 3 weeks now. I don't think have any feelings body wise that anything is about to start happening. I have been going to the park and taking very long walks. my dr told me that she has had women set at 5 cm before and no labor. From all the answers it seems like setting at 3 cm dilated is very popular.


Lisa - April 27

So far I have been dialated 3 cm and 50% effaced for two weeks now. I feel like I am going to be pregnant forever.


Aimee - May 1

I was in premature labor at 33 weeks & they gave me stuff to stop my labor. I was having contractions every 4 minutes, but i wasn't dilated. Then I was 2 cm at my 37 week check up. I am now 39 weeks & 4 cm. I didn't think I could stay dilated this long without going into labor. With my daughter i was dilated 2 cm at 38 weeks, and then i had her at 39. I thought this baby would definetly be earlier. I've been walking, having s_x, and trying everything to make him come out. I am going to be induced in 3 days if i dont have him by then.


Gayle - May 3

I was 3 cm for about 2 weeks with my second child and desperate to begin true labor as well. I tried everything, from long walks daily to eating spicy food. The week I went into labor, I was having pretty painful cramping, like menstrual cramps. Then about 6 days later my water broke and labor begin. It was very quick (about 3 hours) which I attribute to already being 3 cm dilated. So, it may turn out to be a good thing for you! Good Luck!


batia - May 18

I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced at 35 weeks and 4 cm and 90% at 39 weeks. and now im 5 days overdue and I'm 4 cm and almost 100% effaced. I'v been having contractions on and off for 2 weeks now - but nothing sooner than 10 min apart. My midwife was convinced I would be going into labor 2 weeks ago... and here I am - still hangin around. This is my first baby and Im not quite sure what to expect. I feel like this kid keeps playing tricks on me - making me think it is time- and I'm begining to lose my pateince! My midwife says that once labor does come around it will probably go pretty quick. So I guess this slow torcher is worth it at the end


JK - May 24

I am 39 weeks and 3.5 cm dilated and 90% effaced-I have been like this for 2 weeks and this is #2 . . I wonder how long I can walk around like this?? Sleep in not happening . . I am tired and ready to meet this one . .


rhonda - June 8

i had my membranes sweeped the other day and the doc. said it was still 1 cm thick...what does that mean?..is labour not in site?...


jane - June 17

how big is 3 centimeters


Naomi - June 19

Well I know I was at a 3 for well over a month before I delivered my first.


Trishy - September 1

I'm currently 38 weeks and 5 days I was 2cm for 3 weeks, and I am now 3cm for 3 days. I've tried castor oil, s_x, balsamic vinegar, spicy foods, walking... nothing seems to work. I have been experiencing some menstrual-like cramps for some weeks now, but nothing unbearable. I hope this baby comes soon! I'm due in 9 days so I guess its still a waiting game!


Britney Wells - September 3

I Went To The Doctor On A Thursday I Was Told Thar I Was Dialated 2cm, I Wemt Back This Thursday And I'm Only 3cm Dialated. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?


jenn - September 5

my docot told me i was 4 cm and 70%with contractions every 5 mins. they then were admitting me to hospitaland got delivery room ready and asked me if i had my pre-admitt package downstairs with the records dept.. i said no didnt know what they were talking about. so they said were gonna release you and go do paperwork and come back in hour. so i did paper work and went back like 3 hours later. come to find out when i went back now they say im 3cm and stilll 70%. and sent me home with percocet. now it's 2 days later i went last night and they say i'm borderlineto admitt. 3-4 cm and now 80%. i am also 39 weeks now. and still tring everything.



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