Low HCG Numbers

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Michele - November 8

Well, I got my results today and they were not good. My Dr said that my HCG levels from Oct 25 were 69 and from my second test on Nov 4 were 3. Sounds to me like a miscarriage. I just finished crying on my husbands shoulder, and we have decided that it wasn't meant to be. We are trying to keep our spirits up, and just keep trying. Good luck to all.


Vivi - November 8

I also have a low HCG - I am 6 weeks in and a level of 61 as of Nov 4. I had another test today and will know tomorrow. I have cramps and dark discharge since Saturday. My pregnancy symptoms are not as strong anymore. I am also sad and a bit devastated. :(


Kay - November 8

I have just gone through the whole low hcg levels ordeal. My first # was 76 48 hours later 92. We had another blood test 4 days later to find out my number dropped to 72. Needless to say I started to miscarry last week. It's been 7 days and still have a light flow. Day 4 and 5 were really heavy a lot of clots. We are sad about our loss but realizes something was wrong. We just hope our 2nd try will have a happier ending.


to Kay - November 8

I feel for your loss and just like you I believe that if it was not meant to be there is a good reason for it. I am pa__sing through the same sad process and have the some hopes that next time everything will be ok. I will be praying for you and me and every mom-almost-to-be.


Vivi - November 9

My numbers went down and they are too low for a 6+ week pregnancy. The doctor told me I will miscarry. Now I just have to wait for it to happen. Yes, I am very sad and disapointed, but hopeful that the future will give me a healthy, easy pregnancy!


angel - November 11

i have been sterilised for 5 half years i did two test they came positive and did 4 at my gps and they came back neg so we dont know what is going on can anyone tell me whats going on ples


Beatriz - November 17

Laurie, your story gives me a small ray of hope. I had my IVF transfer on 11/4 and had an early test today (2 days earlier than they had recommended) to find that my HCG is 37. I have had nausea, cramping and some dark spotting over the past few days but now just slight twinges. I had an ectopic last summer and am very nervous. We'll see what the test in 2 days reveals but the Dr. told me that there really isnt any hope that this will end well--I wish I could drag you and your chart in front of him! Best wishes to all of you with low levels, I hope we can all be Lauries!


Robin - November 19

Well.. I am 3 weeks pregnant and had a blood test 18 days past ovulation. My hcg level was 30. I went in to have blood drawn again and now I wait on pins and needles to see if this pregnancy is going to make it. It doesn't seem like there is much hope. I'm really bummed out. I wanted this so badly. Pray for me all, just as I will be for you.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 19

here is a helpful website for HCG levels.. http://www.ivfer.com/hcg.htm


Anne - November 19

Has everyone had their hCG levels tested? After my first prenatal exam, I called the office to get the results of my blood tests. I asked if they had tested my hCG levels. She said they didn't routinely do that. Do most doctors check the levels only if a problem is suspected? I'm changing doctors next month because I feel that my current doctor hasn't given me enough information. I'm just wondering if that is one more thing lacking in my care?


eyebeeablessing2u - November 19

Lucky for me i specifically asked when iwas in emrg or else they would have never any reason to doan ultrasond and found out I possible have placenta previa.. my high levels of HcG at 7 weeks made them want to do an ultrasound to rule out mulitples... and determine exact date of baby.. which i was right cause they thought based on levels that i either had mulitples or was farther along... Just ask them to do one so you can ease your mind....


Laurie - November 20

My HCG was 61 at 6 weeks and went down to 55 en then up to 105 on subsequent tests. In my case it was a non viable pregnancy.


g - November 23

My wife had the egg retrieval on Nov 1, then 5 day later 4 embryo was put in (1a1b2c). 8 days later the first HCG was 6, Two days later the HCG was 12, 3 days later the HCG was 19, which is a big concern, 4 days after that the HCG is only 30... we are devastated and hoping the test tomorrow improves. I read everywhere that this is lower than low but it's still going up... the chance is not good at all but we are cling to little hope we have.


Diya - November 23

My hcg at 5 weeks was 210, and 48 hrs later it was 130. I have been having light bleeding for about 12 days now, the Dr is suspecting a miscarriage. I have an appt tomorrow to confirm..


Shannon - November 24

I went today to have my blood test. While it is a positive my HCG is only an 8. I'm experiencing bleeding. I have been on progestone and have been trying for 27-28 months to get pg. I've looked at all the charts and they say that at 4 wks. hcg can be as low as 4. I'm not holding out hope.


Rosemary - November 29

Hi Laurie, I have also experienced the same thing recently. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant through IVF treatment. 10 days after implantation my hCG reading was 48, my doctor told me it didnt look good. Three days later my hCG reading was 78. It should have doubled and hence I was mentally preparing myself for a miscarriage. Three days later I was asked to go back for another blood test and my hCG level rose to 500 which was now normal. Another week went by and the hCG level rose to 8500 which was exeptional. My 7 week ultrasound shows that everything is normal however I am worried that there may be genetic issues given the slow start. I have my 10 week check up soon and have my fingers crossed. Not all is bad with a slow start with hCG levels. Good luck!



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