Men and Miscarriage

Miscarriage can be an emotionally overwhelming time and while much support is usually given to women, oftentimes men feel left out of the grieving process or feel unable to express their emotions about miscarriage.  However, men are also going through a difficult time as they are also experiencing the loss of their baby.  Here in our section devoted to men and miscarriage learn more about a man's feelings about a miscarriage and about how men cope with this form of pregnancy loss.  Also get some valuable advice to help a man through this difficult time.  

Dealing With Feelings

Learn about common feelings men experience after a miscarriage so that you can better understand what your partner is going through.  Find out how to help your man cope with his grief--especially since it is much harder for many men to acknowledge that they are grieving.  Help them to open up and express their grief and to feel comfortable with their emotions.  Men often hide their emotions from the world and even from their partner.  Sometimes they feel as if they don't have the luxury of being sad or angry at the loss because they instead need to be strong for their partner who suffered the miscarriage.  They often put their own feelings aside in order to help their partner cope with the loss of the pregnancy.  Sometimes, the partner may interpret this as no feeling or emotion from the man and this can sometimes cause anger from the partner.  Before accusing your man of having no feelings, try talking to your partner about what he may be feeling.

By talking to your partner about your feelings, you can start to rebuild your relationship after miscarriage. Here you’ll find tips on seeking out grief counseling and creating a support system.  Both your and your partner lost the same child.  You are both grieving.  Learn more about how to help and support each other during this difficult time.  By working together as a team you will both feel much stronger and will be able to overcome this loss much quicker.  

Mutual Support

Finally, understanding their partner’s grief is an excellent way for men to help their partner cope with miscarriage. Learn about some of the emotions your partner is experiencing and what you can do to help.  A shoulder to lean on is sometimes the best way to cope with miscarriage and the loss of a pregnancy.  Let your partner grieve and mourn the loss of the pregnancy.  Understand that it may take her longer than it will take you to recover from this loss.

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