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Many women like to think that being pregnant is no longer a reason for discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, many women do still face inequality in the workplace just because they are pregnant.

Pregnancy Discrimination will help you learn about what rights you have if you are working and pregnant.  Find out what laws protect pregnant women in the work place and about your rights to taking time off due to pregnancy complications or for maternity leave.  

Maternity Leave

Pregnancy and Work will help you deal with some sensitive work and pregnancy issues while our article on Talking to Your Boss offers some great tips on how to break the news of your pregnancy to your higher ups. And if you're not sure if you should work right up to your due date, then you'll want to read Working During Pregnancy. Here you'll learn about when to take time off for doctors appointments, pregnancy complications and maternity leave.  

Find out everything you need to know about taking time off from work after having a baby.  How long can you have for maternity leave, will you still get your pay check, and will your job be waiting for you when you return?  Learn more about how to financially plan for the different alternatives and how to best prepare your future for while pregnant and postpartum.  

Miscarriage Leave

If you have suffered a miscarriage, you may want to take some time off of work to help yourself heal both physically and mentally. Dealing with a miscarriage can be very upsetting for many women and it is not always easy to return to your normal routine.  Taking some time off from your work schedule can help you to mourn your loss and recover from the saddness of losing a pregnancy.  

But is your work place required to give you that time off? Taking Leave After a Miscarriage will help answer your questions about this topic.  Also get advice on how to break the news of a miscarriage to your co-workers and boss and about how to ask for the time off you need to recover from this devasting loss.  

Another important issue for all working mothers is workplace safety. Health Hazards in the Workplace takes a look at the potential dangers some jobs pose to some pregnant women.  Certain physical strains are not good for pregnant women like lifting heavy it

ems and standing all day.  If these tasks are required in your work place what can you do to ensure the safety of your pregnancy and still keep your job.  Also, any jobs that have chemicals nearby like pesticides or other toxins can be very dangerous to both mother and baby.  Find out why these substances put your pregnancy at risk and what to do if they are present in your work place.


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there are mom's too that are prone in miscarriage even they do take care of them self,
7 years ago