Your Body After Pregnancy

Congratulations, you've given birth! At first, you will experience some postpartum bleeding along with some cramping as your uterus contracts. And, now that you have a baby, you are elated! But, don't go on the scale just yet as you won't see a dramatic drop in weight. And don't attempt to squeeze back into your favorite jeans - at least not right away.  Very few women will be able to wear their prepregnancy clothes after giving birth.  Most of us will still need our maternity wear, at least for a few more months.  Find out more about how your body will be after pregnancy and about what you can do to get it back into your prepregnancy condition.  

Getting The Body Back

Read about how long it takes to get your former body back after giving birth. Getting your body back often happens slowly, but with some determination, a little exercise and healthy eating, you can shed those extra pounds and lose that baby weight. In the meantime, check out Dressing the Postpartum Body for some great tips on how to look fabulous despite that baby weight. If you have unsightly red marks on your stomach and breasts, then you'll want to read up on stretch marks to learn what you can do to minimize their appearance, like using a stretch marks treatment.  There are many creams and ointments available that can help get rid of visible stretch marks on your skin.

Postpartum Exercise

After steadily gaining weight for nine months, one of your main concerns after the baby is born is your body. Getting back into a fitness regime may not seem like a lot of fun when you have a newborn, but it will make losing weight a lot easier and faster. Check out the article on post-pregnancy exercise to get the most out of your postpartum fitness. Learn about pelvic strengthening and get started on your own routine. If you are really motivated to have a flat tummy, read all about the benefits of doing transverse abdominal exercises.  Also find out more about when it is safe to start exercising after having a baby.  You will need to let your body recover for a short time after having a baby.

The Postpartum Changes

 Always been curious about why you get varicose veins? Find out why varicose veins happen and what you can do to minimize

their appearance.  L Also, find out more on breast changes and the procedures some women opt for in order to regain their prepregnancy breast shap.  Our article called Those Last Ten Pounds reveals what some women turn to in order to get rid of that pregnancy weight.  Find out the extremes some women take.

Lastly, find out about tummy tuck procedures and how to get one, or any other cosmetic procedure.


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