Getting Back into Shape After Baby

It's been a long nine months of your body changing, often in ways that you may not like. Now that your baby is born, you find yourself with a mushy tummy, a few extra pounds and a whole bunch of new stretch marks. Where did your pre-pregnancy body go and will it ever come back?

Exercise can help you regain your shape, although it won't do much for your stretch marks. But how soon can you start working out after delivering a baby? And what are the best postpartum exercises? Most importantly, how long will it take to get your pre-pregnancy body back? One of the main factors in determining how soon you can regain your shape postpartum is how healthy you were during your pregnancy.

Learn to Love Your Postpartum Body

Many people were astounded when Kate Hudson lost 60 pounds in the few short months after having her son. By most people's standards, this was exceptionally fast. By Hollywood standards, this was normal. If y

ou've ever wondered why the Hollywood stars manage to lose their baby weight so quickly, it's because they exercised before and during their pregnancies. Plus, they're pretty conscious about what they eat. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that they can afford nannies to watch their children while they exercise and personal trainers to get them to the gym seven days a week for two hours each and every day (sometimes even longer).

It's All About Exercise
For us mere regular people who have to deal with families, jobs or the responsibilities of being a stay at home mom and new children, postpartum weight loss may not be so easy. While you might not have enjoyed dragging yourself to the gym throughout your pregnancy, you'll be happy that you did once you start trying to exercise after the pregnancy.

If you were fit during your pregnancy, you should start to see results sooner with your postnatal exercises. However, getting your body back to "normal" can take anywhere from three months (that would be the Hollywood stars) to nine months (that would be pretty much everyone else). For that in-between-time, you may want to use a support girdle to help your body heal and give the appearance of a flatter tummy. If you are breastfeeding, it may be a bit more difficult to lose weight simply because you have to consume more calories to make sure your milk is full of healthy nutrients for your baby.

Table of Contents
1. Getting Your Body Back
2. Tips for working out
3. Sit-ups for flat tummy
4. Getting Your Body Back
5. Best exercises for you
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i learned the hard way after my first pregnancy that if you don\'t work really hard early on to take off the pregnancy weight it will become near impossible to take it off. i didn\'t really try to lose wait until about a year after my daughter was born and by then it was like the fat was stuck on. i can\'t believe how hard i had to work. it took me two years of exercise and diet to finally get my body back to how it was prepregnancy. i had a postpartum body for almost 3 years. people still thought i was pregnant! i am now in my second pregnancy and i am being super careful not to gain too much pregnancy weight and i plan on exercising postpartum as soon as my doctor says it is ok. no fat mom pictures with this baby!
13 years ago