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lacie1 - March 18

Hi, I need advise I started my menstrual period on the 2nd of march. It lasted until the 5th.. I had s_x on the 5th 6th 7th & 8th (unprotected) on the 12th I had the tiniest bit of brown. Did a pregnancy test on the 13th and 15th both negative. I\'m not due until the 29th.. I have been having hot flushes, dizziness, stomach cramps and every now and again abit of nausea after eating.. What are my chances of been pregnant and when should I retest? Thankyou im so confused.


Grandpa Viv - March 18

S_x on cycle day 6 is not considered in the fertile window, but sometimes it is. Supposing you ovulated early like on CD10 (Mar12th) then you might have started feeling early signs last Friday (Mar15th). Considering the strong signs my guess is that there is a better than 50% chance of pregnancy. Test when late or light, and do please come back and tell us the result. GL!


lacie1 - March 18

Thankyou.. I don't really understand the ovulation process very well.. Could you explain it for me :-) .. I really hope im pregnant as I have always wanted a baby and believe it would be the making of me and so do my family :-)


Grandpa Viv - March 18

Ovulation is about 14 days before your expected period. You may feel a slight ovulation cramp one side or the other. For several days before many have fertile mucus, stretchy and slippery. Your libido is high (wants s_x). The cervix is soft, high, open, wet (finger check). Sperm can last inside 5 days waiting for ovulation, but the egg is viable for only one day after ovulation.


lacie1 - March 19 b___sts aren't sore though..i keep Getting what feels like period pains but just light pains :/ im confused because I feel like I have the symptoms but its negative on the pregnancy test. Also my periods aren't very regular because I had the implant for two and half years.. Had it taken out on the 18th January. I keep getting slight tugging and pulses in my lower abdomen so im not sure weather I am going to have an early period or what.. I'm hoping im pregnant!! Could my mind be playing games? Because I want it so much?


lacie1 - March 19

When I press the right side of my low abdomen its like a sharp pain .. Today I have emptied my bowels twice! That's not like me :-/ confused! Please rea__sure me and give me a certain percentage about weather its my mind playing games or not :-)


Grandpa Viv - March 19

No certain percentage is possible. Tests could give false negatives up to the end of the month, and maybe beyond. As you say, your mind could be playing tricks or you could be experiencing implant withdrawal. You are in the two week wait. Good luck!


lacie1 - March 21

Can I ask what implantation withdrawal is? I did a pregnancy test today and it was negative.. Am I testing too early? I had unprotected s_x last night. Are my chances high?


Grandpa Viv - March 21

I understood that you had a contraceptive implant removed. Your body could react to the absence of those hormones. Sometimes a woman will get an ovarian cyst that gives signs mimicking pregnancy. Testing before your period is due is very often too early. Be patient while the two week wait plays out, and if this is not your month, the next could be better. Please do come back and tell us when you know the outcome - few pregnancies start so early in the cycle.


lacie1 - March 25

Hi my period is due on the 29th I did a pregnancy test on Thursday it was negative.. I had s_x on the 20th 21st and 24th so what are my chances of been pregnant? I want it so bad!!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 25

S_x in the ten days before your period is not likely to get you pregnant. The egg is over and done with. There is little point in testing before your period is due. GL!


Grandpa Viv - April 7

Weird cramps, peeing more, sore b___bs and heartburn are signs of a possible pregnancy, but you say nothing of unusual fatigue which is most common. Cheap tests are good enough, though there is little point in running more than a couple each week. If you can't get a positive by the time another period is due you should go see the doc anyway. GL!



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