Pregnancy and Sex

Everyone has questions about the topic of pregnancy and sex. Is sex during pregnancy safe? What's the recommended position or positions that one can do during sex when pregnant? Will it be uncomfortable? What about the baby?  Can sex during pregnancy harm the baby?  How can I know if what I am doing is ok?

Almost every couple finds that their sexual relationship changes during pregnancy; a woman's desire for sex can fluctuate and she can feel uncomfortable with her body towards the end of her term. Feeling Sexy During Pregnancy will give you some tips on how to feel like the hot momma you are. Some women, however, find that their sex drive has gone through the roof!  This can be especially true during the second trimester of pregnancy.  During this time women find that their morning sickness has subsided and their energy levels have returned.  And with this return of energy is the return of the libido.  Find out more about this increase in sexual desire while pregnant.

Get Tips For Sex Before, During and After Pregnancy.

Is Sex Safe?

But there are some special concerns that pregnant women deal with when it comes to sex. Sex During Pregnancy can help answer some questions you might have. Do you ever need to avoid sex when you’re pregnant? Is Sex Safe?

answers that burning question. And don't forget to check out Sex Problems, which answers common sex and pregnancy questions.  Find out how you may need to adjust your sex life around your pregnancy.

Finding that the usual sex positions just aren't that comfortable as your belly grows? Then take a look at The Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy - you'll have a new favorite in no time!  Learn more about the most comfortable positions for sex during pregnancy and about which positions may not be so safe as your pregnancy belly expands.  

Conception Sex

And for those couples who are just embarking on their journey towards pregnancy, find out how you can make your conception sex sexy!  Also learn more about the signs that you are ovulating and are ready to make a baby.  Get tips on how to know when you are ovulationg and about the best time to try for baby making sex.

When you're pregnant, every part of your sex life changes, including your orgasm. Take a look at Female Orgasm to learn more about how your big 'O' might change for the better thanks to your pregnancy!

And what about sex after pregnancy? Find out when it's safe to start and how to get yourself in the mood!  Also learn more about when it is safe post labor to resume sexual relations.  You should wait 4-6 weeks about labor before resuming sexual relations.  Find out more today.

Learn how best to cope with some of these issues. Just remember to try to communicate openly with your partner.


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i'm glad to see a site that isn't afraid to approach these kinds of topics. we all want to know more about sex and sex during pregnancy and preconception sex, well sex in general, but everyone is so uptight now adays, can't talk about these things. can't ask about these things. its like living in the 50s again. so, thanks for talking about it here!
13 years ago