Changing Sex Drive

Pregnancy is a time filled with many changes, both physical and emotional. You may be noticing that your breasts are growing, that your belly is becoming rounder, and that your moods are shifting like the wind. You may also be experiencing a number of changes in the sexual department. Many pregnant women find that their sex drive fluctuates throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Perhaps you simply can’t get enough sex and attack your partner every time he walks by you. Or maybe you would much rather take a relaxing bath than head to the bedroom. But what are the reasons for this sudden change in sexuality and is this a normal part of pregnancy?

What is Sex Drive?
Sex drive is a term used to describe a person’s inherent desire to have sex. It is what encourages us to find a mate and to have children; in fact, without sex drive, none of us would even be here right now! Also known as your libido, your sex drive is determined by a number of different things, but it is primarily hormone-driven.

What Happens To Your Sex Drive When Pregnant?

When we reach puberty, a tiny gland in our brain (called the pituitary gland), signals our body to begin producing sex hormones. These hormones help us to ovulate and menstruate, and they also cause us to feel the desire for sex. In women, sex drive is determined by estrogen and progesterone levels in the body. Other factors also influence sex drive, including self-esteem and physical health and wellness.

Sex Drive During Pregnancy
Throughout your pregnancy, you may notice that your sex drive begins to change: some days you may feel very sexual, while other days cleaning the grout in your shower sounds like more more fun than getting between the sheets. These changes are entirely normal and are often a typical part of pregnancy. So whether your sex drive is up or down, don’t worry – there is nothing wrong with you.

Sex Drive in Overdrive
Many pregnant women report that they actually experience a dramatic increase in their sex drive during pregnancy. This is typically due to the change in hormones that your body goes through when you are pregnant.

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my sex drive has totally increased during my pregnancy, especially now that i'm in my second trimester. my husband is even joking that he'll have to get me pregnant more often. i tell him to enjoy it while he can because i suspect that after i have the baby my sex drive will take a turn for the worse, according to my friends who already have kids anyway. they say once the baby is born i'll never want to have sex again. is this true?
13 years ago