Your Well Being

Maintaining your health during pregnancy is very important. To help make it easier, Tips for Staying Healthy and Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy can give you some helpful hints to keep you in top form. Also learn about the benefits of water for your pregnancy! And don't forget to read up about getting the flu vaccine during pregnancy.  Avoiding illness and fever during your pregnancy is very important for keeping you and your baby healthy during pregnancy.  

Staying Comfortable

Being comfortable is not always easy when you’re pregnant. Staying Comfortable will give you some valuable tips to make your life a little bit easier, while Sleeping Positions might just help you get a better night’s sleep. Many women suffer from swollen feet and ankles, sore legs as well as pain from varicose veins. Ease the discomfort with compression stockings. Flying While Pregnant will help you get comfortable and stay healthy when you take that last vacation before baby.

Pregnancy massage and acupuncture are other great ways to increase your physical comfort and relaxation while pregnant.  Find out more about how these things can help make you feel good during pregnancy and about how acupuncture can help both your pregnancy and your labor.

Your Mood

Many women experience emotional ups and downs when they are pregnant. Sometimes this is normal, and sometimes it may be a sign of a perinatal mood disorder. If you're feeling down, learn how to distinguish mood swings from pregnancy depression and find out what you can do to help yourself. And if you're feeling bad about your body, then have a look at Body Image During Pregnancy for tips on how to appreciate your beautiful body. Plus-sized women might also want to check out some great tips to finding maternity clothes.

While you're busy taking care of your inner and outer body, one part of yourself that you may overlook is your teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene during pregnancy is extremely important as pregnant women are at increased risk for developing a variety of dental problems. Dental Care During Pregnancy will provide you with the low down on caring for your te

eth when you're pregnant and help you to know what your teeth may be saying about the overall health of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Brain

Many women find that they are increasingly forgetful as their pregnancy progresses. But if you feel that you are losing your mind, you may find this reassuring: studies have shown that pregnancy actually increases a woman's mental capacity. Take a look at Brain Power: How Pregnancy Makes Your Smarter to learn more about just how much smarter you are becoming.  However, find out more about why you may be feeling like you are losing your mind.

Look for more great pregnancy tips that will help you have a happy, healthy pregnancy!


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