Planning a Baby Shower

Need to learn all about shower etiquette? Want some great ideas on shower decorations and shower invitations? Find out how to plan the most fun shower ever!

Getting Organized

Of course, today's baby showers are far more broad in scope than traditional baby showers. Today, you can find great baby showers ideas for single moms, adopted children and second children. Let your imagination run wild!

And to help you organize the best baby shower ever, we’ve included a handy baby shower checklist and provided advice on how to plan your guestlist.

Next, plan your menu and pick up some great recipe ideas for food and drinks. If you have a theme, learn how to complement it with a delicious and original menu.

Special Considerations

Also get some great tips on how to handle the attendance of someone to your baby shower after experiencing a miscarriage and enjoy some fun facts on the history of baby showers.


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