Pregnancy Pain

I'm Having Pain-Is This Normal?

Once you discover you are pregnant life takes on a whole new dimension as your focus changes and your thoughts are consumed with the prospect of having a child. But sometimes the joy of pregnancy and the pending childbirth can be overshadowed by pregnancy pain. While you may expect some discomfort during your pregnancy, sudden pelvic pain or unusual abdominal pain is cause for concern. There are number of possible reasons for pregnancy pain, some of them are common and are nothing to worry about, and some may be a warning that there is a more serious problem that needs addressing. In this section you will learn about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy pain and how you and your partner can work together to deal with some of the various factors inherent in this experience and find pain relief.

Check It Out - It Could Be Serious

Medical symptoms that cause concern include cramps, ovary pain, and vaginal bleeding, all of which may be an indication of an ectopic or tubal pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies can occur in a first-time pregnancy and are not uncommon. The pain associated with an ectopic pregnancy is frequently similar to the type of pain you may have felt during ovulation, prior to becoming pregnant. If you are experiencing cramping or side pain, your doctor will want to check to ensure your pregnancy is not in the fallopian tubes. Proper diagnosis and treatment are important for future pregnancies to be successful. A tubal pregnancy does not mean you will never become pregnant again. Many women who have had an ectopic pregnancy go on to have normal, healthy pregnancies afterward.  Obstetrics as a science has progressed in amazing ways to help women overcome difficulties which, in former times, would have left them barren.

Low Back Pain

Lower back pain can be associated with sciatic nerve pain, when there is pressure from the growing baby on the nerves in the back. This type of pain is characterized by pain in the low back and down the leg, often making sitting or even standing very difficult. Pain relief is of the utmost importance and can be obtained through the use of specific pain medications prescribed by your doctor. If you prefer not to use medication, there are other ways of dealing with pregnancy back pain that include physical movement as in Thai Chi, yoga, and stretching exercises. Chiropractic adjustments have also been used to relieve pain successfully.

Is This A Gynecological Problem?

There are times when the pain is due to a gynecological problem, such as uterine malformation or cysts on the ovaries. This type of pain can even manifest as neck pain, so if you are experiencing pains that are unexplained, it is important to check in with your obstetrician or medical doctor to discover the source.  An over-production of hormones can also lead to discomfort and pelvic pain.  The hormone relaxin, which loosens the ligaments and joints in the pelvic, can be the source of pelvic pain when there is too much of it in the system.

The Practice Run...

As you progress in your pregnancy, you are likely to experience Braxton-Hicks contractions. These contractions are precursors to the "real thing" and can be the source of lower abdominal pain. Common in most pregnancies, and a bit startling if it's the first, Braxton-Hicks contractions are great opportunities for you to prepare for labor and childbirth.

...And The Real Thing

When you arrive at that moment when you are indeed in labor, you will probably begin to feel it most in your lower abdominal area manifesting as low back pain as your uterus begins to contract more intensely. Many women opt for an epidural in order to be awake for their delivery but not aware of the intense pain that accompanies labor. Conversely, there are many women who would prefer to give birth without drugs. Sometimes, there just isn't enough time between the onset of labor and the actual delivery to have pain medication administered. Home births, attended to by a midwife who is well-versed in obstetrics, is a preferred method of delivery for some women, as is the use of a birthing pool, where the baby is born in water. Pain management is dealt with through breathing techniques and relaxation as the midwife coaches throughout the experience.

Being Informed Reduces Fear

Pregnancy is an incredible experience, and one that is normally accompanied by some type of pain. Most of the time the pain is inconsequential. Yet, there are times when it is not and medical treatment is needed. Learn about the different types of pregnancy pain so you can be aware and informed during this incredible period in your life.

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I am six months pregnant but this morning i started having serious pain above my navel I have had 3 children but have not noticed this b4 what could be the cause and what do i do about it.
13 years ago