Baby Shower Gift Themes

Brief History of Baby Shower Gifts

Did you ever wonder why this tradition is called a "shower"? Baby or bridal showers earned their name from the practice of "showering" the bride or mother-to-be with gifts! Dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century, baby showers were once symbolized by umbrellas, which were used to shield guests from the sun at these traditionally afternoon events. The giving of baby shower gifts has remained a popular tradition up until this day.

Baby shower gifts run the gamut of possible presents - they can be traditional, modern, funky, wacky, handmade, bought, vogue, conventional, practical, whimsical, novel, old-fashioned, expensive, economical, or anything in between! Sometimes baby shower gifts ideas can also follow a theme. Theme baby shower gifts help guests know what type of present to purchase, and can be geared to meet the specific needs of expecting parents.

Theme Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts

If you are hosting a baby shower and would like the gifts to follow a certain theme, here are some great theme baby shower gift ideas!

•1) Rock-Around-the-Clock Baby Gifts: In order to meet the baby's diverse needs throughout the day and night, as well as the needs of the parents, each guest is assigned a specific hour of the day for which to purchase a gift. Or if you prefer, baby shower gifts can be bought for various times of day instead of for literal hours. For example: bath time, bed time, story time, play time, nursing time, bottle time, teething time, diaper change time, learning time, et cetera. You can also include in this theme times and gifts for the parents, such as burping time, awake-at-two-in the-morning time, exhausted time, relaxation time, etc.

And just to add some more pizzazz to this great baby shower gift theme, turn up the stereo and crank out the all-time favorite "Rock Around the Clock" song!

•2) Baby Learning Time Gifts: If the parents-to-be want to bask their baby in culture, class, and cleverness, there are scores of baby gifts on the market today that are right up this alley! Here are some suggestions for your guests if you wish to have a Baby Learning Time theme at your baby shower: Books, books, and books... for both the parents and the baby! Learning CD's for babies such as Baby Einstein CDs, classical music CDs, children's music CDs, Baby Bach Videos, Baby Foreign Language software, Lamaze soft books, and many more.

•3) "Pampers" for Mom and Baby: This is a cute baby shower gift theme that plays on the word "Pampers." For the baby, pampering items can range from soft cuddly sleepers, booties, bonnets, and blankets, to baby powder, baby lotions, baby brushes, baby wipes, baby bath toys, baby mobiles, any cute baby clothing or toys, and of course... Pampers! To pamper the mother-to-be, treat her to a day at a spa, a good book, a book store coupon, a music CD, coupons for babysitting, coupons for a restaurant, makeup, body cream and lotions, slippers, a comfortable nightgown, cozy socks; or all the guests can chip in and pamper the mom-to-be with a more expensive item, such as deluxe rocking chair!

There are an infinite number of great theme baby shower gift ideas! Hopefully these suggestions have sparked your own creative ideas and you are well on your way to coming up with the perfect theme for your baby shower gifts!

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