Career Changes For Working Moms

With A New Baby On The Way, She Felt The Lack Of Job Security.

Ann Sandler* of Newport, Rhode Island was a freelance writer who wrote magazine articles for many publications. Ann was somewhat successful but with a new baby on the way, she felt the lack of job security that was the nature of the beast as far as freelance writing was concerned.

Her job was exciting but at the same time, an odd kind of existence. One publication paid well, another poorly, one paid at the time of publication, another delayed for months, and yet another magazine paid on acceptance. 

The job came with highs in the form of a check for $100.00 for an article she'd forgotten she'd submitted and that arrived just before the holidays, and lows in the form of a magazine that loved her work but didn't have a budget for that particular department. It was time to reassess.

The Pay Was Not As High As She'd Hoped, But It Was Steady Income

Ann discovered that she'd developed several marketable skills during the course of her freelance career and decided to explore the possibility of earning her living with some of these skills.

She'd seen an advertisement for a position as an abstract writer and decided to apply for the job. She sent in her resume and was soon contacted by a company representative. Ann would complete a timed test that would be sent her via e-mail, and the test would determine her interests and skills. If the company was pleased with her test scores, she'd be invited to take a three week training course.

After completing the course, Ann could choose between a full time and a part time position. The part time position was for a minimum of 30 hours weekly with a possibility of working from home. The pay was not as high as she'd hoped, but it was steady income she could earn from home that would enable her to bond with her baby as she paid the bills.

Ann realized that a steady, moderate income was a better choice than the erratic, undependable income she'd earned all those years. Besides, if a great idea for an article were to suddenly strike her fancy, there was nothing to stop her from writing and submitting a freelance article to the magazine of her choice. In this way, Ann would earn money for extras outside of the family budget.

A change in job description was just the ticket for this new mother to both earn a living and be with her baby 24/7.

This is just one of many possibilities that new mothers can consider when trying to start a career. There are several options to keep in mind, including the possibility of going back to school. While this could seem daunting at first, there are plenty of online universities that make the process fairly simple.  These schools allows mothers to learn a wide variety of valuable skills while still being able to take care of their child.

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