Baby Shower Fun and Games

A Blast and a Half

What's a party without games? Not much fun, as anyone knows. Baby showers can be blah affairs but throwing a couple of games into the mix makes baby showers a blast and a half. Try some or all of the following tried and true baby shower games.

Pin the Baby on the Mommy--Make cardboard cutouts of babies and have masking tape and a blindfold handy. Each participant is blindfolded and given a cardboard baby to stick on the honorees tummy--or as close as they can get. The guest who puts their baby closest to the actual baby in the pregnant tummy wins a prize.


Chug-a-Lug--Fill baby bottles with punch or other appropriate drink such as Pina Coladas which have the added attribute of resembling formula or milk! Set the timer for 2 minutes. Each guest sucks down her bottled drink and the one who sucks down the most in the allotted time wins a prize. Expect a lot of laughs and maybe some hiccups.

Guess What I Am Now?--Blindfold the mother-to-be and place a bag of baby items in front of her. Mom takes out one item at a time and has to tell the guests what item she is holding. Have someone with a knack for finding unusual items stock the gift bag to make it a really fun time for all--Mom and her guests.

Scrambled Babies--Scramble the words of 25 baby-related items and make printouts. Ask the shower guests to unscramble the words. Set the timer for 5 minutes. Whoever has the most correct answers when the bell goes off wins the prize.

Name that Tune--Distribute pads of paper and writing utensils to each guest. Set the timer for five minutes and have each participant write down as many titles of songs as she can think of that have the word "baby" in the title. If you need to make it harder, force them to identify the songwriter as well. Everyone loves this game! The one who gets the most names when the five minute timer goes off wins the prize.

A My Name is Alphabet--Distribute a chart with the alphabet written in a vertical line (make templates and enough copies for all the guests ahead of time). Hand them out to the guests and give them writing utensils. Guests must write one baby-related item next to each letter and the items must start with the letter beside which they appear. Set the timer for two minutes. Whoever comes up with the most words in two minutes wins a prize!



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