Positive Attitude For Your Plus Size Pregnancy

Being a plus-size Mom-to-be is not always easy. Sure, you're excited about the future and doing all that you can to guarantee a safe and healthy pregnancy for you and your baby. You're eating well, attending all your doctor's appointments and looking after yourself, but you still sometimes feel judged for being overweight and pregnant in the first place. Furthermore, when you think too much about the risks associated with your plus size pregnancy, it can be difficult to stop yourself from worrying and feeling stressed. Remember, no pregnancy is stress free, even for a woman who was at her ideal weight before she got pregnant, so no matter what, you should expect to feel a little anxious at times. But there are ways to reduce your stress levels. The trick is to actively work on the things you can change and control, learn to accept the things you can do nothing about - and have the wisdom to know the difference!

Your Doctor

Some plus-size pregnant women have complained that when they went for their first medical appointment after getting pregnant, full of joy and excitement, their doctor brought them down to earth with a bump; he listed all the things that might go wrong during the pregnancy or labor and the possible dangers to the mother and baby, and attributed all of them to the mother's being overweight. It can be tough to hear these things and you'd be made of stone if they didn't upset you. Try to remember that your doctor has a duty to give you the facts and the right advice. If your doctor is pressuring you to eat well and exercise, he's not doing it just because he doesn't like you being overweight; for him it's not about weightloss - it's about your health and your baby's wellbeing. If you really feel that your doctor's attitude has crossed the line from constructive concern into making judgments about your value as a person or a mother, change your doctor. Your pregnancy health will be affected by your pregnancy happiness. If you are dreading your doctor's appointments throughout the nine months, you are not going to be happy. Remember, all doctors will be honest with you and any doctor who hides potential risks from you is not doing his professional duty. Likewise, a doctor who does not treat you with respect is also not adhering to professional standards.

Well-Meaning Friends And Family

During your pregnancy, you should be surrounded by people who love and support you. You should feel their love and support in a positive way and not in a negative one. Anyone who makes insulting remarks about your weight is not someone you need to be with at this time. Try to distinguish, however, between a friend who is trying to talk to you about your weight because he or she is concerned for you, and someone who is just putting you down. Be ready to politely explain to friends and family that you are following your doctor's advice for a safe pregnancy and that you already know what needs to be done. Ask your family to support you by preparing healthy, balanced meals at home and taking a part in gentle exercise with you. Avoid being pressured into starting a weightloss diet without speaking to your doctor about it first. Most doctors don't think that pregnancy is the right time to lose weight. Friends and family, who aren't medically trained, may not know that.

Stay Positive And Focused

Staying up at night worrying about the labor or risks to your baby is not going to make those risks disappear. You need to find out from your doctor exactly what you can do to help yourself and your baby, and do those things. These will include avoiding stress and getting enough sleep. Knowing that you're doing everything you can (eating well, exercising, not smoking or drinking alcohol) well help you to relax. If you feel you need extra support, try asking your health care provider about counseling or support groups for plus size mothers. Such groups even exist online. Check out our forum here at pregnancy-info where you can talk to other women who have been through the same experience.

Looking Good

An important part of feeling happy during pregnancy is feeling good about how you look. Check out our section on plus-size maternity wear for tips and information.

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