Baby Changing Tables 

No baby nursery is complete without a baby changing table - this baby furniture item not only makes an attractive nursery feature, but will also spare you the discomfort of spreading a baby changing mat on the floor and getting down on your hands and knees every time she needs a fresh diaper. (This can be particularly uncomfortable if you gave birth by C-Section.)

For all these reasons, you should definitely include baby changing table plans in your nursery design. You're looking for a table that's sturdy, has safety straps and guardrails to prevent your baby falling, and an easily cleanable changing pad to ensure good hygiene and protect your baby's health.

Old Fashioned Versus Ultramodern

An "old fashioned" baby changing table is a free-standing table that you simply buy and then put in your nursery wherever it looks good. These can be bought in many different styles, colors and types of natural wood, and are an attractive, classic baby nursery furniture item.

On the down side, free-standing tables may feel a little insecure if you have wriggly baby on your hands. That's why many parents increasingly opt for a modern wall or corner-mounted changing table, or even an integrated baby changing table (more about this later). Modern baby changing tables offer more security and a range of additional features to make diaper changing a breeze.

Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Tables

The manufacturers of wall or corner-mounted changing tables were probably inspired by the commercial baby changing tables you find in the bathrooms of shops, restaurants, airports, etc. However, unlike baby changing tables for business premises, the wall-mounted designs intended for home nurseries don't come in cold white plastic intended to be mounted on a tiled wall.

Modern nursery changing tables come in natural woods, or attractive painted colors. They may fold out from the wall just like commercial changing tables (a great space saver if your nursery is on the small side) and should have safety straps to secure your baby comfortably on the table while you get down to work.

Unless you are very confident of your DIY skills, it's probably safest to have a professional come and mount the table on the wall for you.

Integrated Baby Changing Tables

Integrated baby changing tables may change your experience of diapers forever. You can literally buy these things with as many features as you can possibly imagine - if you have the budget.

The most basic integrated changing unit will include a table surface and storage space for diapers, wipes, changes of clothing, etc. There may be a complete baby dresser, providing more than enough space to keep all your baby's outfits close at hand while changing her.

In addition, the fancier versions may serve not just as changing tables, but also as combined travel cribs and activity centers. You'll find units with:

- An integrated sink or baby bath for washing (obviously these come only with stationary integrated changing tables)

- Detachable, washable changing pads and mattresses

- A vibrating surface to soothe your baby while being changed

- Lights, music and toys to entertain your baby

Where To Buy Changing Tables

Baby changing tables can be bought from all major baby furniture manufacturers (try Graco, Pottery Barn Kids, etc.). Baby Ikea is another popular source of all things nursery related.

Baby Changing Table Reviews

You'll find a ton of reviews of baby changing tables on the net at sites like There's no better source of honest, straightforward information than other parents who use baby changing tables all the time.

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