Great Gifts for New Dads

Are you going to be a new Dad soon? Know someone who is? Often new dads have to play second fiddle to the new mom. Family and friends tend to ooh and aah over Mom's stomach, and Dad may feel a little left out as a result. It is important to get new dads as involved as possible in the upcoming birth. Many new Dads feel scared, unprepared, or anxious about their new role in life, so help him feel excited and prepared for baby's arrival with one of these "Daddy" products! It will ease his nerves and boost his ego when baby arrives!

Be Prepared
This 'survival manual' survival guide is perfect for helping Daddy through those tough times! It is chock full of great tips on how to handle baby through the first twelve months. The handbook includes pictures, diagrams, and entertaining anecdotes on how to take care of the new addition. From feeding, to bathing, to outings with baby, this book is daddy's dream come true. Mom may even want to read this book too!

25 Secrets for New Dads
Daddy will probably be a little (maybe even a lot) nervous about becoming a parent. This great e-book will clue him in on 25 secrets to being a terrific dad. Written just for dads, it will ease his fears about providing for baby and give him fabulous suggestions for fatherhood. In fact, he will be leaps and bounds ahead of all the other dads in the neighborhood with the information in this handy book!

The GoodFather
Teach him how to be a GoodFather! This exceptional CD-ROM provides interactive fun for all the new Dads! With dozens of baby lessons and a baby name guide with over 15, 000 entries, the new dad will be an expert in no time! A baby card maker gives Dad hours of fun creating his own cards to celebrate fatherhood! Written by licensed professionals, this CD-ROM has up-to-date medical advice and baby tips essential for every Dad.


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