Dads and Bonding With Your Baby

Mothers generally seem to bond better with the newborn. It makes sense; a mother spends more time with her newborn, she feeds the baby, changes diapers and often is the one who will sit and rock the baby to sleep. It is up to the new father to establish ways that allow him to bond with the newborn.

Not Breastfeeding?
If your wife isn't breastfeeding your baby, it would be a good idea to help with the feeding. Babies tend to bond with the person who is feeding them - call it survival instincts. Feeding is a great way to let your baby know that you’re providing for him.

Eye Contact
Go ahead, have a staring competition with your baby. Because a baby can only focus on objects that are close to them, sitting and staring into each other’s eyes will help him become used to your face and voice. You will find that he will start to respond to the little things you do, like smiling or laughing.

Bathe Your Baby
Bath time is a great opportunity to bond with your baby (unless he absolutely hates bathing). It’s usually a calm and happy time where skin-on-skin contact abounds. Be gentle when you bathe him and make it fun!

Read Together
A baby loves to hear the sound of your voice, especially if you spoke to your wife’s belly during her pregnancy (yep, he heard you in there). It doesn’t matter what you read; you can read gruesome comic books, as long as you read it in a droning, soothing voice.

Diaper Change
Many fathers hate to change a diaper at first, but this is the best time for some serious bonding. Changing diapers means you get to make skin-to-skin contact while soothing him with the sound of your voice.

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