Baby Furniture Bedding - Baby Nursery Bedding

Putting It All Together

Part of the fun of putting together a baby nursery is finding great nursery furniture in the exact style you love. The other part is finding the perfect baby nursery bedding for that room. Whether you buy baby bedding from a specialty outlet, or drop in at your local Baby Depot for bedding, the fun of coordinating and creating the room of your dreams (and baby's) can keep you shopping until you drop.

Modern baby furniture demands bedding that is equally modern and trendy. You can choose a theme for your baby's room from some of the best creators of nursery bedding. Sesame Street has long been a favorite when it comes to both nursery furniture and the accompanying bedding. Nautical crib bedding, Safari, Care Bears and Tinkerbell are still right up there on the popularity polls as well.

Choosing the Bedding That Suits Best

After you've chosen your nursery furniture, you'll choose the bedding that is best suited to the style of crib you purchase. Some of the matching bedding that you'll find is more decorative than it is useful, or even healthy for your baby. If the bedding comes with a comforter, then use the comforter as a wall hanging rather than covering your newborn with it. Until the baby is about a year old, the best way to keep him or her warm is with a cuddly, warm sleeper or a sleeping blanket (like a bunting) rather than blankets. They don't stay covered, and in some cases, the blanket can present a safety hazard. Of course, it does go almost without saying that pillows and other soft objects should be kept out of the baby's bed.

Some of the Trusted Names in the Business

Most of us are familiar with baby Pottery Barn bedding, made of those delicious and delicate pastel colors in the familiar Jungle Friends and Star pattern (among many others) they make sheets, bumper pads and accessories. Other familiar names include Dwell Studio, My Baby Sam, Sweet Potato, and Glenna Jean. Many of these companies have been around for years and continue to provide excellent products for your baby, toddler, and youngsters. By choosing hip baby bedding, you can rest assured that your child will love it through the transition from infant to toddler. Toddler furniture can use the same bedding as the crib - especially if the crib is a convertible model.

What Kind of Fabrics Should I Choose?

Since baby spends the better part of the day sleeping, it's important that the bedding be comfortable and safe. Cotton remains the fabric of choice for maintaining comfort for your baby. 100% cotton breathes and wicks away moisture from baby's delicate skin. Be careful not to choose baby bedding made of polyester or acrylic because they emit gases which, when heated by the baby's body, can cause irritation to both the eyes and skin.

Organic fabrics are becoming a desirable item for baby's bedding. Bamboo and organic cotton mean that baby will not be subjected to anything in the fabric that could be harmful or cause an allergic reaction. It's a good idea to wash all of the baby's items in organic washing liquids or powders because they tend to have fewer chemicals and irritants in them. A baby's skin is so very sensitive, it is incumbent upon the parents to ensure that tender skin and little body is protected from unnecessary irritation.

Nursery Bedding is Just the Beginning

Great bedding doesn't stop at baby furniture. Kids furniture needs great bedding, too. When your little bundle becomes a bigger one, then the patterns and elements of the bedding will change. What should remain consistent is the quality of the bedding and the protection from chemicals, gases and other things that can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and discomfort. Choose the nursery, toddler, and kids bedding with those things in mind.


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