Gift Ideas for Princess Fans

Come Christmas time, it’s often hard to decide what your kids will be waking up to on Christmas morning. If your daughter likes Disney Princesses, your job just got a lot easier, as there are loads of great gifts to choose from, for all types of budget.

Limited Edition Gifts

Disney have created a range of beautiful, limited edition princess figurines, which make a great Christmas present for Disney princess fans, especially for any girls who already have all the Disney Princess Dolls and are looking to add to their collection.

Only 6,000 of each doll were made, with beautiful and intricate details like rooted eyelashes, embellished costumes and finely-crafted accessories. The dolls were designed by Disney Store Artists and come in a special presentation box. The Jasmine and Aladdin dolls come with embroidered Arabian outfits and arrive in their presentation box holding hands.

Practical Gift Ideas for your Princess

If you're looking for more practical gifts fit for a Princess, consider a princess backpack. This is a great idea as it can be used for school, sleepovers, holidays and day trips. There are a range of designs available, all featuring the Disney princesses.

Another practical gift idea are Disney Princess Briefs. Kids always need new underwear and this way you can give a useful gift that your daughter will love. The briefs make a great stocking filler, or perhaps a small present to complement the limited edition princess doll.

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