Baby Accessories - Clothes, Hats, Headbands and More

How Do I Buy Wholesale?

Unless you're an owner of a business, buying baby stuff wholesale is near impossible. In most cases, you have to own some sort of business and be able to buy in bulk in order to qualify. That said, there are some places around where you can buy baby products at wholesale prices, places where large lots of baby accessories and products were purchased specifically to sell at discounted prices. The trick is finding them.

Baby Depot or Babies 'R Us may take on a huge stock of discontinued baby strollers to wholesale out to the consumer for a small percent over cost. The same can be said for baby cribs that are sold wholesale from big box outlets. Costco sells at prices far below other stores (on some items) because they buy case lots of baby products at very low cost to themselves, then they sell it to the consumer for great savings. Everyone wins.

What Are Baby Products Doing Here?

You've probably noticed baby accessories for sale in some of the more unlikely places around town. A grocery store may run a special on baby headbands, bought wholesale and then turned around for quick sale. How many times have you been shopping for groceries and seen the cutest headbands for your baby. Of course you buy a few, then when you go back to get some more, they're gone. That's because the items were not regularly stocked, but the grocer had to good sense to buy baby headbands at wholesale prices in order to generate a quick turnover and provide a novel item in the store. You will often find the same sort of thing happening with baby hats, purchased wholesale and sold inexpensively, and in some cases, baby clothes, again purchased wholesale and sold as a specialty item in a store that doesn't normally carry baby things.

Baby Jewelry - A Dad's Dream

It's actually good business, and, if you keep your eyes open you can pick up some great deals in stores where you'd least expect to find baby products. There are also times when large jewelry chains buy baby jewelry at wholesale prices and then run a sale on Mom and Baby jewelry items. It's a good way to increase sales while providing great prices to the buying public. Actually, this particular subject is a good one to expand upon because it seems that men have a tough time doing "sentimental" buying for the new mother and baby daughter. By purchasing matching jewelry, whether a pair of earrings or a bracelet for both mother and baby, Dad has scored huge points and Mom has lovely remembrances of tiny pieces of jewelry that matched her own.

You Have To Keep Your Eyes Open

There are also opportunities for Mr. & Mrs. Average to shop at wholesale houses. Occasionally a wholesaler will open their doors to the buying public and offer items for sale that can be purchased individually instead of in bulk. Check your local papers and flyers for notification of wholesale prices on baby products, baby accessories, and anything else you may be interested in for your baby. The sales are out there - but you may have to hunt them down.

By keeping an eye on the opportunities, you may be able to stock up on baby bedding or some items of baby clothing at wholesale prices. If a baby furniture store has purchased some overstock, then you may be able to get a great deal on bumper pads, window treatments, even furniture that will match your nursery set. It's a fun way to shop and the savings can be quite substantial.

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