Intimate - Maternity Loungewear and Nursing Intimates

Well, nobody can say that being pregnant means you're not sexy anymore. Quite the contrary. The lines of sexy maternity lingerie are abundant and, in some cases, provocative. You can check online to see some of the many flirty, sexy, mature, demure, and alluring styles.

The baby bump just adds to the picture, creating a view that is at once intimate, sexy, and subtly gorgeous.

So Many Different Styles

Maternity bras now come in as many lovely styles and colors as regular bras do, with bows, ribbons, lace galore. They come in seamless micro-fiber that supports without compressing the breasts, or you can purchase maternity bras with underwires and smooth cups to wear under sweaters and t-shirts.

There is an Italian line that offers maternity bras made with a light stretchy mirco-fiber that has a honeycomb pattern, allowing the skin to breathe. The cups of this bra have an anatomic cut that allows for normal breast growth and cotton reinforcement supports for the breasts. For the woman with heavy breasts, there are bras made without seams that are a honeycomb fabric on the outside and inside is a jersey-cotton blend for support.

To top it off, it's trimmed in lace. These particular bras are less fancy and designed more for comfort and serviceability. Check Old Navy's intimates for a great selection of maternity and nursing bras that are at once pretty and serviceable.

You're Too Sexy...

There are also lovely maternity and nursing intimates that would give any intimate lingerie designs a run for their money. Built to support growing and milk laden breasts, these beautiful bras and nursing intimates are seductive and sexy. The days of full-cover thick, white, cotton bras with straps and hooks as wide as can be are now a thing of the past.

There is no reason an expectant mom can't have pretty under things. Not only do lovely intimate items make a woman feel pretty, they also encourage intimacy. The nice thing is that they're not only designed for prenatal wear, they are also nursing bras - so you can still enjoy them while breastfeeding.

Intimacy Taboos...

There was once a time when intimacy during pregnancy was thought to be taboo. There were a number of different ideas surrounding prenatal sex - such as a fear of hurting the baby, or hurting the woman, or both.

Many men equate pregnancy with motherhood, and subsequently their own mothers. There is a taboo against a man finding his own mother sexy and that taboo can be projected onto the pregnant partner. This ends up in the expectant mom feeling rejected on a very deep level and the relationship is affected.

...Intimacy Indulgences

However, a good many couples grow much closer during pregnancy and are freer to express tenderness, affection and love - especially if the pregnancy is planned and going smoothly. Some women feel incredibly sensual and womanly, they love the round, full, shape of their bodies and enjoy the physicality of sex.

While there are myriad ways a woman can appeal to her partner, one very effective way is by wearing alluring and sexy maternity lounge wear and maternity lingerie. A sexy, sheer nightie or a pretty bra and pantie set can be a visual key to intimacy.

Maternity Lounge Wear

Maternity pajama pants in silk, satin, or sheer nylon are comfy as well as intimate. Worn with a tiny t-shirt or sexy bra with a matching shirt, the combination can be quite charming.

Maternity lounge wear in velveteen or satin is luxurious and sexy. A pretty cami or sexy bra under the maternity lounge wear adds a taste of intrigue, piquing the curiosity and desire of your partner. Maternity lounge pants can be coupled with a matching tunic, zippered top or wrap. It's comfortable and feminine - it looks great and you feel wonderful with the smooth fabric next to your skin.

There's no need to lose the sense of sexiness or femininity when you're pregnant. If anything, pregnancy is a time when a woman is truly woman - living the very exemplification of what that word can mean. Why not take it to the limit and allow yourself the experience of enjoying beautiful intimate apparel and lounge wear at this special time in life.

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