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I Can't Give Up My Jeans

Who doesn't love their jeans? Perhaps one of the hardest things to let go of during pregnancy is your favorite pair of jeans or cords. The good news is that you will likely be able to wear your pre-pregnancy pants for a while before you move on to maternity jeans and clothes, especially if your jeans are low-cut. Using a belly band or elastic hooked onto the button, and layering a long tunic top or sweater over top of the pants or jeans will give you some extra wear.

Once you have to move on from your regular clothing to maternity pants and shorts, then there are some things to keep in mind when you go shopping. But, before we talk about that, let's talk about how long to wear your regular clothing. First of all, as we said, it is possible to get away with wearing your regular pants and jeans for some time into your second trimester. Many younger women who are pregnant wear their too-tight jeans a lot longer. By forcing the buttons closed and constricting the belly, the baby is put into distress - not to mention the intense discomfort of the entire procedure. It is far better to use some form of extending the waist than trying to hide the pregnancy by constricting the belly. It's dangerous for both mom and baby.

Let's Talk Jeans and Pants

Now, let's talk about maternity jeans and pants. Women's maternity pants come with a variety of different types of stretch panels, allowing for belly growth. They often fit and feel very different from what you've been used to. Remember that during your pregnancy it may be more than your belly that grows. Hips tend to spread a bit in order to accommodate the growing baby and prepare for birth, and your tush may take on some size. Some of the roomier and more comfortable cuts for pants include cargo maternity pants and corduroy maternity pants for cooler weather. Cargo maternity pants tend to have drawstring closure in the front and they fasten under the belly, so it's pretty much comfort all the way. Corduroy maternity pants usually have a panel, unless you get low-rise pants which means you'll need a long shirt or sweater to cover your belly. With a panel, if the shirt or top is too short, you're still covered.

What Size Do I Buy?

When shopping for your maternity jeans, pants or shorts, purchase them in your normal size. The fact is that manufacturers of maternity clothing know that the body is going to change, not just your waistline. Take a trip to a local department store or stop in at the Gap Maternity and try some clothing there. See which sizes fit the best. You may find that maternity sizes fit looser in the bottom and around the thighs. Once you get a good idea of fit, then you can browse the internet or purchase your jeans or pants from Gap Maternity Clothes - whatever you choose.

Petite Sizes Are Plentiful

If you happen to be petite, then there's great news for you, too. Maternity jeans and other maternity clothing in extra small sizes are available in many of the favorite stores like Gap, Old Navy and Destination, and they are also abundantly supplied online at many different maternity sites. As we mentioned, the best way to determine size and fit is to take a trip to the local mall or maternity shops and try some maternity pants and jeans on to see how they fit. Once you have a good idea, then you can go ahead and make your purchases from your favorite outlet or online.

When You Can't Wear Pants

Under most circumstances, wearing women's maternity pants does not present a problem for pregnant women. However, sometimes they may be entirely uncomfortable or restricting. In that case, the best thing is to leave the pants for another time, after baby is born, and wear dresses. If it is possible to wear leggings, which do not tend toward being restrictive, then that may be the better option for you.

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