Stylish Maternity Clothing 

A Bit About Fashion

There is one word that is common to all fashion designer clothing, and that word is "collection". When we talk about a specific designer's offerings for a season, we talk about their "fall collection" or their "summer collection". What we are referring to is the styles and fashions they put together each season to exhibit their ideas for both the high-end market and the mass market. Usually these fashions have a shelf life of only one or two seasons - such as fall/winter or spring/summer. It is from these collections that we find the trendy and hip fashions.

Classic Items To Mix With Trendy Maternity Clothing

Then, there are the tried-and-true fashions. Those with classic lines, traditional styles that are timeless. The Blazer, the pencil skirt, and the empire waist are all examples of time-honored fashion that women wear in maternity clothing and regular clothing. When building a maternity wardrobe, it is important to have a base of traditional items, such as modern but classic maternity dresses, a long jacket or Blazer, a white shirt and good fitting trousers. With this base, you can add all kinds of cool maternity clothes.

Modern pregnancy clothes that are considered basics and tried-and-true include jeans. Where would we be without our jeans? It is no different when a woman is pregnant. Jeans are the one article of clothing that tends to be worn more than anything else, unless you're working in a more sophisticated environment with a work dress code. It is interesting to note that jeans styles go through seasons and if you buy trendy maternity clothing, you may find the style is "so last year". Remember bell-bottom jeans? They've made the rounds several times, but they definitely aren't worn when their time is up. You have to wait until the style becomes trendy again before you dare wear them out. However, the straight leg and boot cut are timeless.

Designer Fashions Can Be High Priced

Now that so many celebrities have had babies, we are seeing clothing lines with their names on them in maternity stores everywhere. Nicole Richie has come out with a line recently, and it is very popular. The prices tend toward high-end, so you will likely find them only in the high-end stores where certain designers are sold. Some designers have opted to make a mass marketing line that is very affordable and available in department stores where most women shop. Old Navy, The Gap, Motherhood Maternity, and Destinations Maternity are a few of the places you can find trendy maternity clothing at reasonable prices.

Designer Baby Clothing

Women's clothing is not the only place we see high fashion. Designer baby clothes are more popular than ever, and many of the designers of women's fashions also design trendy children's clothing. Baby Gap and Kids' Gap carry an excellent selection of trendy children's clothing that is good quality and well priced. There is no lack of high-end baby and kids' shops where you can find designer baby clothes from some of the top names in the industry. The value to buying designer baby clothing and higher end children's fashions is the fact that they wear better than the less expensive brands, they are better constructed and they actually last longer. The colors don't fade and the fit is excellent. You do get what you pay for when it comes to clothing - especially for kids.

The good news is that you can buy stylish maternity clothing at good prices in any of the well-known maternity shops or online. It is very affordable to wear stylish maternity clothing and in truth, a woman feels better when she's dressed in something that not only flatters her, but is up-to-date when it comes to fashion and trends.

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