Maternity Tops - Affordable Maternity Tops

There's no reason why a pregnant woman cannot dress as fashionably as she did before she got pregnant. Today's maternity clothes afford a wide range of styles, trends, and prices to serve the fussiest expectant lady.

Maternity Tees for Comfort and Style

Depending upon the type of clothing you want to wear, and how your body transforms over the course of your pregnancy, you may find yourself wearing regular clothes, or opting for some of the great styles available in maternity clothing. From cool maternity tees to special occasion sparklers, maternity tops can be fun or fancy, tailored or ruched. Great maternity t-shirts look great with jeans or shorts, they're comfy and not at all fussy. These days we're see a lot of maternity tees with pithy sayings or belly hugging maternity t-shirts with graphic designs on them. Then, of course, there's the classic white maternity tee that goes with leggings, jeans, or under a vest. You could even go a step further and have your maternity tee personalized, using your name and your partner's for a novel way to tell people whose baby is under construction.

Finding The Right Maternity Shirt

The secret of success to finding a maternity shirt that will work throughout your pregnancy is to find one that is nice and long. Most maternity shirts are cut wider at the base and are longer to allow for your ever-expanding belly. But, you don't have to buy your shirt in the maternity section. Look for tanks that are labeled "long" at Old Navy. They really are long and they work amazingly well. The other option is tunic tops which also double as maternity shirts. Option three, buy a regular shirt a size or two bigger than what you normally wear and belt it really low for a trendy look. One of the great looks in maternity shirts (or non-maternity) is side ruching that hugs the baby bump and still allows growing room.

Maternity Dresses for Work or Leisure

Maternity dresses are very chic and easy to wear - especially for work. Gap maternity carries a great line of flattering maternity dresses that fit well and hug the baby bump. Try a cowl neck sheathe with a cinched waist for a classic and clean business look. Maxi dresses, made famous by Angelina Jolie, are an easy-wear and lovely way to wear a maternity dress. Gap Maternity is a great way to go when it comes to affordable maternity tops and other maternity wear.

Nursing Tops - Making Life Easier

Nursing tops, especially nursing tanks, are a boon to the modern mom. After the baby is born and before you're able to really fit into your pre-pregnancy clothing again, these tanks carry you through. They're great for the long haul, too, since you can wear them until you're finished nursing. They're nice and long, so you don't have to worry about exposing too much tummy before it's tight again. The tops have a clip or snap at the strap to release one side or the other for nursing. There are a variety of different styles of nursing tops available that range in style from classy to trendy, t-shirts to tanks.

Some women find that they are able to get through their entire pregnancy without buying any maternity tops. If you have long shirts, tanks, sweaters, or tunics in your existing wardrobe, they can easily carry you through. Also, if you don't want to buy maternity, look for empire waist shirts and tops or those with side shirring - they hug the baby bump and really look cute. You could also buy a Bella Band to help hide your belly once your non-maternity tops get too short.

Whatever the decision, there's no shortage of great looks maternity tops for leisure, work, and special occasions.

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