Maternity Pants - Petite and Plus Size Maternity Pants

From One Extreme to the Other

When you are on one or the other end of the size scale, shopping for maternity clothes can be a real challenge. It seems to be much easier to find clothing that fits well when you're not pregnant, but once you begin to exhibit a baby bump, styles and sizes are harder to find. Part of the difficulty lies in the fact that once you become pregnant, you're not a definable clothing size. Top that with trying to figure out what size you'll need throughout the pregnancy and you have a maternity clothes shopping nightmare.

Petite Problems

Even though more stores are selling maternity clothes, a petite woman can still have difficulty finding something really stylish. But, petite women actually are at something of an advantage because they can turn regular clothing into maternity clothing. By choosing clothing in a larger size and regular fit, a petite woman can convert a long sweater into a maternity sweater dress. Still, shopping this way is pretty labor intensive as well. Try shopping at Gap Maternity. They carry a great line of petite maternity pants and maternity jeans that offer the petite woman a good selection at good prices.

Plus Size Problems

Plus size women run into the same difficulties, only in the other extreme. Unfortunately, it is difficult for pregnant plus size women to find clothing in larger sizes that will convert to maternity clothing. Thankfully, many clothing designers have figured out that there is a huge market in petite and plus size maternity wear and they're doing something about it. Old Navy Maternity carries a great line of plus size maternity pants and other maternity clothes. You can also find a great selection of maternity jeans and for the tall women, maternity pants in long lengths.

Different Strokes for Different Pregnant Women

Just as jeans come in a variety of cuts, maternity pants do also. You can choose from the wide variety of styles and fabrics available to find the one that works best for you. If you are working outside of the home, then maternity pants in trouser fit are great for suit combinations. Worn with a long jacket and fitted top, they are classic and elegant. Skinny leg maternity pants are still very "in" these days and they look great with tunic tops or swing cardigans, especially on petite women. Plus size women will appreciate the classic leg and the flare bottom that balance out the body. Straight-leg and boot cut pants and jeans are always good for either petite or plus size and tall women.

Maternity jeans and maternity pants come with a variety of different panels to allow for belly growth. There are cotton panels, blends, nylon, as well as draw strings and elasticized waists. Cargo pants, one of the most comfortable and easy to wear styles for most women, are a popular draw string style of maternity pants. A casual maternity top over the pants and away you go - relaxed and comfortable without being sloppy.

A Great Place to Look

We found a great place to search for and order petite maternity pants, tall maternity pants, and plus size maternity pants. The site is called Search By Inseam and they carry all sorts of designer styles in maternity pants. You can find 7 For All Mankind, Juicy Couture, Gap and others on the site. All that is required from you is to measure your inseam. Then you find a designer, punch in the coordinates, and up pops a load of styles and cuts to suit your size and inseam. It's a great way to shop for those lengths that are hard to find in the stores.

Be sure to check out Old Navy Maternity, Gap Maternity and Mimi Maternity, either in person or online to see what they've got brewing. They always have a great line of maternity pants and casual tops as well as maternity jeans and dresses. Today's retailers are more apt to have the styles and fit you like.

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Maternity wear leaves a lot to be desired at the best of times. Why do they think just because you are Pregnant you don't want to dress well? I have just found a GREAT range for under my every day cloths which have some great benefits - Solidea! Now I just need to find some great reasonable priced tops / pants for the top layer....
12 years ago