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Old Before Your Time?

Although the trend in recent years is to wait to have a family - that especially holds true in places in Europe - there are certainly a lot of young women who have begun their families while they were in their late teens and early twenties. Older mothers may need to design their maternity wardrobe around business suits and evening maternity dresses, but younger mothers-to-be would much rather dress in hip pregnancy clothing. Many young expectant moms are married, but there are others who are not. Regardless the situation, dressing in a fun and fashionable way is important for younger expectant moms. Who wants to look like an older woman long before the time?

Trendy maternity wear is desirable for women in all age groups. The trick is to be able to wear it and carry it off without looking like you're too old to be dressed that way. Such styles as hip hop maternity are best suited to the young woman, but there is plenty of hip maternity fashions that really work for older women, too. Hip maternity tees paired with great designer jeans are just one example of what we're talking about.

Ageless Fashions for Pregnancy Can Be Found

There are some maternity lines that focus their designs on expectant moms who want to look young and sexy. Much of the great maternity wear found in The Gap Maternity can be carried off with ease regardless whether you're 19 or 35. While it is possible to find trendy and hip maternity clothing in exclusive stores, the prices are often more than most people can or want to pay. Mimi Maternity is another outlet where you can buy modern, trendy, maternity fashions that are affordable and look great. Designers of fabulous jeans, like Juicy Couture, Citizens of Humanity, Seven, and True Religion all carry a maternity line, but their prices are high. Again, Check out Mimi Maternity and The Gap Maternity for flattering, well-fitting jeans at prices that are more realistic. Target also carries a line of designer maternity clothing by Chiarakruza that appeal to the younger, hipper, mom-to-be.

Is There A Designer Waiting to Come Forth?

Some styles that are peculiar to the younger crowd aren't available in maternity cuts. That means that a search must be mounted to find the things that appeal and make a younger expectant mom feel good in her clothing. If you sew, or you know someone who sews, then your clothing designs are limited only by your creativity. Vintage clothing is always very hip and it is possible to find maternity fashions that fit the bill. Combining a couple of different patterns can result in a look that is organic and fully individual. It can be a lot of fun and who knows, maybe a new line of hip maternity fashions are waiting to be born.

Hip Maternity T-Shirts for Hip Moms and Babies

Maternity t-shirts are one way to express yourself, regardless your age, with hip and trendy sayings. CafePress is a great place to go to check out some of the latest t-shirt sayings for pregnancy. If you can't find what best says what you want to say, then make it up for yourself. You can even get hip baby t-shirts there as well. There are several places to find hip baby clothing online and in stores. Your little one can be dressed up in your own particular favorite style. Punk, goth, and vintage as well as hip hop styles are available on the net.

Many moms would prefer to dress in stylish and modern maternity clothing that doesn't make too big a statement, while others want to stick to the styles they wore before they became pregnant. The good news is that it is possible to dress the way you want these days. Styles and availability are great. Take advantage of them and let your pregnancy be a time of fun as well as the mandatory seriousness.

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