Maternity Clothes

You've discovered you're pregnant and now you just can't wait to go shopping for some cute maternity clothes. You've dreamed about doing this for a long time - suddenly you're here and it's so exciting. Off you go to the local maternity clothing shop where you get to put on a pretend pregnant belly and you try on maternity dresses and tops, admiring how you'll look in just a few short months. It's all so much fun.

Front-End Maternity Fashion

But, you're here now, at the beginning of your pregnancy, and those cool maternity clothes are too big and roomy for you just yet. There is a period of about three months (more for some women) where you'll be able to wear your own clothing, although they'll gradually begin to feel tighter as time goes on. You'll also figure out that those adorable maternity outfits that you can buy, you know, the same ones that you've seen on J-Lo, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, cost a lot of money. The question becomes, Is there anywhere I can buy inexpensive maternity clothing that looks great but doesn't break the bank?

We're here to tell you that there are a few things you can do to stretch your wardrobe, and yes, you can buy inexpensive maternity clothes that are not only less expensive than the high-end stuff, but they're also very cool maternity clothes. None of us wants to forfeit fashion or style in a bid to save money, so it's good to know where to go to buy inexpensive maternity clothes.

Extending Your Current Maternity Wardrobe

First, let's work with your current wardrobe and do a few easy things to extend it for longer wear while you're pregnant. Rather than buying a lot of "in between" clothing for the period between just-found-out and now-I-can-wear-maternity-clothes, a really simple trick to extend the waist of your favorite pants or skirts is to loop a sturdy elastic band through the button hole. Hook it around the button and voila! Instant expansion. Just be sure to wear longer jackets, tops, sweaters or tunics over it to be sure your secret doesn't leak. You can also buy the fabulous belly band, a knit fabric band that buttons onto your pants or skirts to give you a lot of stretch without exposing the opening of the clothing. Either of these tricks helps you to continue using your own wardrobe a lot longer.

Inexpensive and Cool Maternity Clothing

There will come a time when you will have to make a few purchases, but try not to get too carried away. Maternity clothing can be very expensive and some of the pieces are so darned cute you think you can't live without them. The problem is, you buy then and end up storing them in the closet rather than wearing them. You can find some great inexpensive maternity clothes at your local maternity shops where you can find maternity clothing sales at the end of every season. You can buy maternity clothes at a discount in some of the big box stores as well. There are several discount stores that offer maternity selections and, even though the clothing may not be quite as fashionable as the maternity stores, the prices are great. The Gap and Old Navy both have selections of inexpensive maternity clothes in trendy designs and fashions. They're affordable and comfortable as well. Target offers Liz Lange and Chiarakruza lines of maternity fashions at very affordable prices as well. Plus size maternity clothing can be found in all of the same places as regular size fashions. For plus size maternity clothing, check out Barbara Brickner for great fashion at affordable prices.

Fun, Fun, Fun

If you're looking for funny maternity clothes, for shirts that have pithy sayings or things that are just downright funny, then the selections are myriad. Check online under "funny maternity clothes" to discover just how many there are. They have them for the father-to-be as well, with such funny stuff as, "Don't touch her belly!"

Part of the fun of buying maternity clothing is finding great deals on cool maternity clothes. The other great news is that motherhood offers the opportunity to do some fun shopping for the little one you're now carrying.

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