Maternity Polos - Popular Maternity Polo Shirts

Origins of the Polo Shirt

Way back when, polo shirts were designed for tennis and golf players and the fabric used was pique. The shirt was known for its comfortable design, the fabric was soft and breathable and it worked well for the heat. Short sleeves and a soft collar gave it a casual look without being sloppy. Thus the golf polo shirts and tennis polo shirts were established and became accepted wear on the golf course or tennis court.  Then along came Ralph Lauren and the design became a trademark of his Polo line. The classic polo short-sleeved knit shirt features the polo player on the left breast of the shirt. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Transition is Made

The beauty of this history lesson is that women wear polo shirts, and you can find baby polos that are a favorite of the toddler set. There's something about a polo shirt that gives off a sense of style without being stuffy. While Ralph Lauren made the polo shirt a mainstream item, there are several manufacturers of polo shirts these days. The style is unmistakably the same. It is possible to find polo shirts in almost any clothing store and department store. They're popular and readily available. Old Navy polos are a bright spot in the day, with a selection in more colors than you can think of, and in everything from baby polos to maternity polo shirts.

The Polo Shirt - A Favorite With Pregnant Women

Maternity polo shirts are a favorite with pregnant women. They're sporty and never fail to look great with jeans or slacks. You can even get maternity polo dresses, an extra long version of a polo shirt. Since the cotton can be a bit clingy, it's a good idea of wear some quality maternity underwear if you're going to wear a polo dress. Some designers have taken the basic polo shirt and recreated it for maternity wear. Lilly Pulitzer has a selection of maternity polo shirts that include sleeveless shirts, short sleeves, winter long-sleeves, and in fabrics that are suited to the seasons. Gap Maternity, always at the forefront with great styles at good prices, has an excellent selection of shirts as well. Try Duo Maternity for maternity polo shirts that are comfortable and wash well.

How To Wear A Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are a classic, and because they are recognized that way, you can wear them in a number of different settings. Just because they were originally designed as a type of sportswear doesn't mean they can't be used in other ways. A maternity polo shirt under a long jacket and over a pair of dark pants can work fine as a business casual look. Accessories and the style of polo shirt you choose will determine the look you get. There are a number of colors, cuts, and fabrics to choose from when it comes to maternity polo shirts. Just be sure that your shirt isn't too big for you - you don't want to look sloppy.

If you've chosen to remain active throughout your pregnancy, your polo shirt is the perfect choice for a game of golf. Or, you can choose a stretch maternity polo shirt to put over a pair of yoga pants for a session of quiet stretching. Maternity polo shirts are great with shorts in the summer, or with cargo pants for a casual, relaxed look. You can even dress the maternity polo shirt up enough to wear to an outdoor party. A scarf around the neck, some colorful bangle bracelets and a pair of capris make a delightful summer outfit that is comfortable and classy.

Maternity polo shirts are a bonus to have after the baby is born as well. The loose fit around the bottom allows for comfort as you wait for your body to regain its original shape.

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