Holiday Dresses 

It's That Time Again

When it comes to the holiday season, which is close at hand, knowing what to wear can be a real issue for an expectant mother. Depending upon where she is in her pregnancy, her clothing choices may be different. Maternity holiday wear can be simplified with the little black dress, but certainly, holiday dress attire is not limited to this at all. However, we'll start there and then look at maternity cocktail dresses and the offerings in maternity Christmas dresses.

The Little Black Dress

Let's face it, it is hard to beat the little black dress (LBD)for its allure, class, and sexiness. The LBD, no matter what length, is a sure bet to flatter your baby bump at any party. The maternity wear section at Macy's always has great holiday dress attire - check them out for an LBD dress this year. The maxi dress continues to be a strong contender for comfort and style. This designer maternity dress style was made popular by Angelina Jolie and Nicole Richie, both of whom wore them throughout their pregnancies. A sleeveless maxi dress, especially in the third trimester, is an elegant way to dress up for a party.

Other great designer maternity styles include the one-shoulder dress, which is really hot this year. Designer Heidi Klum chose this style for the red carpet and it's gorgeous. Pick this hip look for the holidays and pair it with great shoes - you're on the best dressed list for sure when you do. If you were thinking that hiding your bump would be a good idea, forget it. Flaunt it like the stars do. Your baby bump is your best fashion accessory. Isabella Oliver's ruched midi dress is a great choice to hug your belly. Top it with a pair of high heels and you're a fashion plate for sure.

The Best Dresses for The Beginning of Pregnancy

Finding party dresses when you are in your first or early second trimester is easy. You may not be showing yet, but there's no escaping the bloated feeling that is settling in as you begin your pregnancy. Instead of choosing something that is form fitting, go for something that enhances your latest asset - your cleavage. A V-neck dress with an empire waist takes away from the thick waist and draws attention to your sexy chest and shoulders. Make the most of it - you'll blossom soon. You can find a full line of lovely maternity wear at JC Penney. Check them out for party dresses that are suitable for the first part of your pregnancy.

Hug That Bump!

By the second trimester your new curves are showing and you don't have that thick-waisted look anymore. Now everyone can see your baby bump and dressing up is more fun than ever. Look for fabrics to hug your baby bump that are light and soft. Drop waists and side ruching are great ways to show off and stay comfy at the same time. Cleavage is good as long as it is contained. Don't allow yourself to fall out of your top - you want gorgeous not garish. If you can still manage high heels, then go for it, but buy them a half-size larger to allow for swelling. Bella Maternity is a good choice for maternity dresses at this stage. You may find that designer Isabella Oliver has some styles you'll love.

Float Into The Room in Style

Your third trimester may find you wanting to stay home as opposed to going out to parties. But, you'll be amazed at how wonderful you feel once you get yourself into a lovely maxi dress. Soft, flowing fabrics that lay gently on your baby bump, hugging it softly, are feminine and easy to wear. Your body is full and round now, so you want to wear things that are not restricting. A halter dress or strapless maxi dress are good choices for this season of your pregnancy. Choose an empire waist for some shape and avoid the tent-style of years-gone-by. Beautiful jeweled flats make the perfect compliment for this stage of your maternity holiday wear.

If you're on the other side of your pregnancy and your baby is in your arms as opposed to in your belly, then you may want to get baby a lovely holiday dress as well. Baby holiday dresses are as fussy and fancy as you want them to be - and they always look so pretty when on the baby. Any of the department stores carry beautiful baby holiday dresses. If you really want something special, check out some of the exclusive baby clothing boutiques where you can find designer, one-of-a-kind dresses for your princess to wear during the holidays.

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