Children's Toys

Creative Toys Are Essential

Toys are one of the best methods of communicating concepts, educating, helping with growth and development and just plain having fun with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Whether they are infant toys the baby is entertained with while playing in the play pen or wooden children's toys like blocks and puzzles for the toddler set, toys are essential.

There is certainly no shortage of excellent children's toys to choose from, making the challenge that much more interesting. Creative play toys serve to guide children from infancy through preschool and beyond, providing stimulation and fun as the children explore their world and their place in it.

From Infancy Through Preschool

Some of the top children's toys remain favorites over the years. Discovery Toys, sold through independent Educational Consultants have a wide range of children's toys for all age brackets. Their children's toys catalog is filled with toys that have educational components to help children develop both physical and mental skills. The Discovery Toys Hammer Away, a colorful boat that encourages infants from 12 months up to develop hand-eye coordination through matching balls to openings and banging them through, also helps a toddler burn off a lot of energy with banging. This toy often remains a favorite all the way through the preschool years.

Toys That Have Been Around for Years

Shape sorters are another favorite of toddlers. Most of us remember the Fisher Price ball with the various shapes that fit through the cutouts in the ball. The ball shape sorter has been around for years and continues to challenge, entertain, and encourage learning, dexterity, and fun for babies from about nine months onward.

The award winning children's toy Slinky will ever be a favorite with children of all ages (including the grown-up kids). This unique children's toy has not lost its popularity over the 65 years it has been in production. Infants love it because it moves and is fun to watch, toddlers drag it around in the form of a dog, train, or caterpillar, and preschoolers love to make them walk down stairs. They show up again in high school and university physics classes - they've even made it to NASA!

Baby Einstein - Stimulating for Babies

Another award winning children's toy is the Baby and Little Einstein sets. Although they are not technically a toy in terms of being able to play with them physically, Baby Einstein encourages inquisitiveness and stimulates a baby, toddler, or preschooler to explore and express what they are experiencing. DVDs, books, and CDs with lots of music all combine to create a learning environment that is fun and educational for babies and young children.

Let's Pretend

Schleich figurines are yet another source of creative inspiration for young children. Toddlers love to carry the small animals and people around with them and preschoolers love to create play worlds in which they are the actors and the directors as well. Imaginations soar when children use these toys. Knights' castles, African Safaris, the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and more await only the inspiration and involvement of little children to bring them to life.

There is no end to the wonderful world of children's toys that are available to encourage, inspire, and educate children.

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