Baby Gear and Toys

How Can Someone So Small...

Once you have a baby in the house, everything changes. Of course, we all know that - but actually living it is something else. What was once a very organized living space may take on the appearance of anything but as baby stuff is strewn from room to room. One has to wonder how it is that someone so very tiny and weighing so little can have need of so many different items.

When it comes to looking for baby gear that will carry you and your child through infancy and into toddler-hood and beyond, then places like Baby Depot and some of the great online sites are the places to go to find discount baby gear and products that will grow with your child. Baby Direct is another fabulous site that features items like baby strollers, clothing, bedding and all kinds of baby stuff that is useful now and can be used in the future. is a good source for online baby product reviews.

Convertible Cribs Are A Long Lasting Investment

When shopping for baby gear, especially nursery items, be sure to check out the wide range of baby cribs that convert to toddler beds. Some of them go so far as to be able to be used right into adulthood. With a purchase like that, it eliminates a lot of shopping and additional cost. The crib will convert, at the appropriate time, to a toddler bed, then the frame can be used again as your child grows. You can often score great deals on baby bedding by checking out end-of-season or end-of-line items. When the seasons change, baby and children's stores put their older stock on sale for greatly reduced prices. Another way to save and enjoy quality goods at bargain prices.

Baby Safe Puzzle Mats to Crawl On

As your baby begins to crawl around, you may decide you want to create a special play area for him or her. Daycare-quality foam puzzle mats are thick and cushy and you can create a play area as big or as small as you want with them. They're tough, durable and work perfectly from tummy time to childhood, providing a baby safe surface for your baby to play on. The mats fit together like an interlocking puzzle and when your child gets to be around three years old, you can purchase pieces that have pop-outs for extra learning. There are mats with number and letter cutouts as well as patterns, flowers, and shapes. You can make the floor grow with the child, providing lots of fun for all.

Toy Boxes that Last A Lifetime

Toys seem to multiply overnight, and as the baby grows, so does the toy supply. Having a great toy organizer is something that not only provides for the present in terms of keeping all of the baby's toys together, but it is something that will stay with your child over the years. You can buy toy organizers in heavy-gauge canvas that folds flat for storage. They're available in nondescript, understated colors that will blend with your décor and will last for a long time. Baby learns to put his toys in the organizer and understands that it is part of the clean-up process when helping Mommy.

I Want to Pick My Clothes!

When the baby is still pretty tiny, a baby clothes organizer is ideal for the nursery closet. Everything hangs from the clothing rod so you don't have to build shelving - and it, too, is made from heavy-gauge canvas. As your child grows, a Days of the Week clothing organizer can encourage self-dressing and put an end to clothing fights. You and your child choose the clothing and put the outfits in each daily basket and your child learns to identify which day of the week it is by learning the names on the organizer. It isn't long before your little one has learned not only to dress himself in clothing that matches, but he learns the days of the week as well.

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