Handmade Baby Toys

The Treasure of Handmade Baby Things

Some of the most treasured items your baby will receive when he or she arrives will be handmade baby gifts. Items that are handmade by someone who loves you and your baby, or handmade baby shower gifts that have been purchased, have a dimension to them that just isn't in other types of gifts. When a gift is handmade, you know that thought, and individual creativity went into its production. Somebody took the time to produce an article of clothing or a toy with their own hands - it's just special. Many of us still have the handmade baby clothes our grandmothers made for us, and we'll put them on our children and pass them down another generation. It just works that way with handmade baby things.

DYI? Yes You Can

If you're the type of person who loves crafts, sewing, knitting, or woodworking, then a whole new adventure awaits you in the wonderful world of handmade infant toys and handmade toddler toys. When you make your children's toys, you know what has gone into them because you decide on the materials that are used. Organic materials that are non-toxic are the best to use for homemade baby toys because they are safe. Craft stores and online sites are great places to find patterns and tutorials that will guide you, step by step, through the entire process of creating handmade baby stuff. There are several free tutorials available online, so check them out before you spend money at the store.  Making your own toys for your infant or toddler is as easy as making a kite was when you were a kid.

Handmade Baby Dolls and Wooden Puzzles - Easier Than You Think

Babies don't need a lot of fancy toys with batteries and flashing lights, especially in their first months. Toys that can be clutched and chewed are not only more practical, they'll be loved and enjoyed by your baby. Handmade baby dolls aren't as difficult to make as you might think. A classic rag doll can be made using modern fabrics and fun patterns - and the good news is that even a beginner can pull it off. With clear instructions from the tutorials, the joy of producing your own homemade baby toys is only hours away.

Wooden toys are also great for babies and toddlers. The word "woodworking" sometimes conjours up images of a lathe and a skilled carpenter. But, that idea isn't necessarily the way it is. Don't be afraid of woodworking. If you can operate a sewing machine, then you can make wooden toys. Again, free patterns for making wooden birds and simple wooden puzzles that an infant will love playing, help you become a toy maker for your children.

Handmade toddler toys are fun and easier to make than you'd think. Toddlers love to put their toys to sleep (mimicking Mom). A wooden rocking doll cradle can be made from just five pieces of wood that can be cut at the lumberyard before you leave there. Check out the Make Baby Stuff site for instructions on loads of handmade baby toys that have complete instructions or free tutorials to guide you.

Definitely Not Your Thing?

If you're gift-giving and you can't see yourself making toys or clothing, then choose organic handmade baby shower gifts. A gift basket of organic baby items are adequately soft and safe for a newborn. Burp cloths, handmade baby clothes of unbleached cotton, anti-allergic handmade stuffed toys, and a few handmade wooden teethers provide the contents of a great gift basket. Handmade organic baby soaps, shampoo, moisturizers and oils are delightful additions that won't harm sensitive skin. Handmade baby shower gift items can also include crocheted or knitted blankets, and layette sets (hat, mitts, sweater).

Handmade gifts are a sign of interest and effort - they are delightful, welcome gifts that speak loudly of love.

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