Top 10 Preschool Toys

Let The River Flow

Depending upon which list you happen to check out, you'll find the choices for top ten preschool toys vary. However, all of them are great toys and kids love them. Preschoolers tend to be incredibly busy little people with lots to say and even more to discover. They're all different - some are on the move for as long as their little peepers are open, and others prefer to sit quietly and leaf through a good book. Regardless whether the child is busy or quiet, there is a river of creative energy flowing inside that mind waiting to be expressed. Some of the best toys for this age group and developmental stage are educational toys like puppets, dress-up costumes, tents to hide in, and art supplies with an easel and paper.

Top Baby and Toddler Toys

Baby toys, including toddler toys, are precursors to the things children will play with when they arrive at preschool age. Although they will have mastered many of the baby toys, there still may be one or two that they want to hang onto. That's perfectly fine. They will likely play with it differently as they get older. Children enjoy toys for different reasons, and sometimes it is just a love for a toy - nothing more - that keeps the toy in their heart. Some of the top baby toys for 2010, including toddler toys, come from overseas. Haba, a German company known for its high quality wooden toys, has continued to hold a place in the top toy segment with their wooden stacking blocks, teething toys, play food and stringing beads. Melissa & Doug, creators of wonderful wooden children's toys, is still a favorite as well. Wooden puzzles, blocks, dolls, and musical instruments are top toys from these toy creators for babies in 2010. Toddler toys include the fabulous wooden doll houses, and shape sorters. Ride-on toddler car toys and other types of ride-on toys also remain high on the list.

Top Picks for Preschoolers

According to ASTRA, the American Specialty Toy Retaining Association, the Best Toys for Kids in 2010 include baby toys, toddler toys and preschool toys. For the preschool set, some of the best toys are designed to stimulate pretend play. If a preschooler has a favorite phrase to utter when together with playmates, it would be, "Let's pretend..." and then off they go, into the wonderful world of make believe. To help the creative process, a Golden Retriever Puppy Puppet by Folkmanis makes playtime fun. It is 17 inches long, made of soft golden plush, with a workable mouth and Golden Retriever soulful eyes. Roll play is another big thing with preschoolers and Melissa & Doug's wooden cupcakes are the focal point of a day of baking in the kid-size kitchen. The cupcakes can be decorated with wipe-off dry erase markers to make cake decorating a new adventure every time. Playmobil's Furnished School Building gives the phrase, "let's play school" a whole new dimension. This school comes complete with classroom, science room, art and music room as well as the principal's office and plenty of accessories.

Creating With Their Hands

Creating things with their hands delights preschoolers, which is why Bubber by Waba Fun is so popular. It's fluffy, ultra-light modeling clay that enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor muscle coordination when used by children. It's safe, gluten-free, and not sticky and never dries out. Play-Doh modeling clay allows preschoolers to cook up something special with the Play-Doh Burger Builder. Kids can mold pretend burger patties, onions, lettuce, pickles and fries. The "food" looks good enough to eat. This product is non-toxic and it does contain wheat/gluten.

Crayola, probably the most famous name in crayons, gives the budding artist a great toy this year. Wild Planet Crayola Crayon Town Large Mat Zoo Set has a large playmat, crayons, pop-up buildings, vehicles, figures and accessories - enough to create an entire town. It inspires creativity and imaginative thinking in preschoolers as they play with the figurines in the town they created.

The best preschool game, according to ASTRA, is Zingo 1-2-3, a game that encourages and enhances counting and addition skills, from ThinkFun. Players match numbered tiles to images on their cards and the first to fill their card hollers, Zingo!

Developing Language Skills With Toy Story 3 Toys

We would be remiss if we didn't talk about Toy Story 3 and the toys children love best from this wonderful film. Toy story favorites are the poseable figures of Buzz and Woody. The figures represent persona that the kids can use to create dialogue and build language skills. Lego Duplo has created Toy Story - The Great Train Chase. Chunky Duplo figures of Buzz, Woody and Jessie (all have movable and interchangeable parts) offer plenty of play options as the trio save the day. The tops of the train cars open so the characters can sit or stand inside. As with all Lego, there is no limit to the adventure as creative play and language skills are honed.

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