Toddler Bed Time

We Need a Toddler Bed Already?

We'll bet that one of the things you didn't put on your baby registry was a toddler bed. Really, who's thinking that far ahead when they're pregnant? Everything in life at that point is in the present tense, and just having the baby on time is a big deal. But then, within a few short months, baby has outgrown the crib and, unless you bought a crib that becomes a toddler bed, you're going to be out shopping for toddler furniture.

Fair enough, you will probably be able to use some of the nursery furniture as toddler furniture when the time comes, and once your child has transitioned out of the crib and into a bed, you can purchase a kid's bed that will last for a long time. Usually, toddlers can stay in their cribs until they are nearly three, even if they are climbing out of it. At least they've mastered that art and it is actually safer for the baby to stay in his crib (more or less) until he's a little older because moving into a bed is a really big deal for a little guy.

When to Move Your Child in His Own Toddler Bed

Many parents move their toddlers into a twin bed or the bottom bunk of a bunk bed set because they're concerned their baby is climbing out of the crib. However, by lowering the crib mattress as far down as it will go so that the side rails are higher, you may be able to buy yourself some time. Most little ones end up climbing into bed with mom and dad when they're moved out of their crib too soon, because it just feels a lot safer in bed with mom and dad. A big bed is a big step.

Sometimes parents want to move their toddler into a bigger bed because there is another baby on the way. If this is the case, experts advise to move your toddler into his own bed at least six to eight weeks prior to the arrival of the new baby. It's best if he's well established in his own new digs before he sees his new sibling taking over "his stuff". He may have some issues with someone else sleeping in his crib, or using his room, or having clothes in his dresser. Also, if your toddler is quite young when the new baby comes, you may be able to delay the switch for three or four months since the baby will likely be in your room in a bassinet during that period of time. That way you can slowly transition your toddler into his own space while he gets used to the idea of the baby moving into his "old room".

Get Him Involved In Choosing A Bed

You can get your toddler excited about moving into his very own big-kid-bed by taking him shopping with you when you go looking for beds. Department stores have large children's sections and you can usually find toddler beds at Target and other larger stores. They often have several displayed and your child can have an opportunity to envision his own bed - perhaps have him pick out his own pattern for linen so he can take ownership. It's an important move for him and you want him to be part of the process.

Making the Transition to a Toddler Bed Easier

You may be on the lookout for a unique toddler bed to make the transition fun for your child. Little boys love cars, so a toddler car bed - whether a police car or a race car - may be just the thing to keep him in one place throughout the night, as well as provide a fun place to play when he's awake.

There are many unique toddler beds to be found. Some companies specialize in creating unique and fun toddler beds and beds for older children. You can have a castle created for your child to sleep in - whether it's a knight's castle or a princess's castle, a twin bed is the core and the castle is built around it. A space-ship or a doll house will make any little one eager to spend the night in his or her own bed.

Regardless whether your toddler transitions quickly or slowly, he or she will definitely step into this next phase of child development. If you purchase a twin bed or bunk beds, then you can be sure you won't have to buy more furniture again for a while.

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