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Can You Answer These Questions?

Education is an important and necessary part of buying toys for children. When you shop for a baby shower gift, are you thinking about the eco-impact of the gift? Does the knowledge that a toy may be hazardous for an infant, especially if it has lead paint or chemicals in it, rise to the surface of your thinking before you make your purchase? What about the clothing? Baby clothing made from non-organic materials can be toxic as well. How do you know what to purchase, and where can you find truly safe toys?

The questions are myriad and the answers are readily available now, thanks to eco-friendly toy suppliers and organic clothing distributors. Eco toys are showing up on more mainstream toy store shelves than ten years ago - but the percentage of organic toys and safe toys for babies is still low in comparison to what it could be. Some creators of eco toys say that the cost is what makes it prohibitive, or at least keeps it in the "specialty item" category. There is much truth to that idea. Since most organic and eco friendly toys are not mass produced, the products are of better quality and craftsmanship, and they also cost more. Many people are reticent to spend the money, even though they know that eco toys are far safer toys for their children than what is available on store shelves.

The Impact of Green Toys

Nevertheless, there are many green toys on the market that have made a huge impact and are continuing to grow and gaining a footing. One such company is Sprig Toys, a young company located in Fort Collins, Colorado that is making a difference. They created their state-of-the-art toy lab in 2007 in which they designed an eco-toy line of battery-free, eco-friendly, paint-free, kid-powered toys. These green toys are made from Sprigwood, which is a durable, child-safe, bio-composite material composed of bits of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. Although the riding toys are labeled for children three years of age and up, since the toys are kid-powered, younger children would likely be quite safe with them as long as they are supervised.

Educational and Eco-Friendly Toys and Games

The beauty of eco-friendly green toys is that they are an educational toy just by virtue of being created through ecological methods. Children learn through the message of green toys and eco-friendly materials to take better care of their environment and to respect the ecology. Environmental concerns are addressed through green toys as children are introduced to concepts that engage them in caring for the environment, not wasting, and caring for endangered species. Family Games Inc. has a wide range of green toys and games that serve as educational toys that are also a lot of fun. The items are manufactured from recycled materials and the games are centered on animal and environmental themes - such as endangered species and the flight of the honeybee.

What's Available?

The Environmental Toy Company produces Eco Bear - a hemp teddy bear that is stuffed with 100 percent recycled material. The company also produces a hemp bunny named Aware Hare and a reptile called Eco Gecko. As is the case with almost all green toy manufacturers, they strive to make children environmentally aware and they give some of the proceeds of their sales to environmental causes. The Environmental Toy Company plants a tree for each person that returns the card that is enclosed with one of their stuffed toys.

Teaching children to care for their world through the toys and games they play with is a wonderful way to make an impact while having fun at the same time. The world our children inherit is in need of repair. By teaching children how to care for their world, they will make a difference.

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