Haba Toys

There are several excellent toy companies that are based in Europe, particularly Germany. Toys made in this country are usually quality wooden products and they are shipped all over the world. Selecta Toys is one such company, and another is the well-known Haba Toys Company.

The Haba Toy Company

A visit to the Haba Toys website will settle in your mind the reality that these people know what they're doing when it comes to producing excellent toys for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and beyond. The Haba Toy Company has been making wooden baby and children's toys since 1938. They pride themselves in being a "single source supplier" for all things for kids, including furniture, jewelry, dishes and textiles. Their products are found world-wide and the name is known and respected everywhere.

Creating Young Architects

Perhaps one of the more popular and well-known toys from Haba is their building blocks set. They have a number of different collections that vary with the age and ability of the children using them. The Colored Building Blocks set consists of 30 pieces of cylindrical, triangular, square, and X-shaped blocks that are suitable for toddlers from 12 months through kids eight years old. The blocks are brilliant primary colors that are attractive and eye-catching for little ones, enabling them to learn shapes and colors - not to mention building lovely buildings. Haba blocks come in more complex sets, neutral and colored. The paints used are non-toxic and the toys are very safe.

The Haba Standard

Haba Toys has determined to meet and exceed the high expectations of parents when it comes to the production of their products. Their toys are in line with all European and US recommended standards and requirements for toy safety in terms of material and manufacture. They use solvent-free, water-based stains for color which makes the toys safe for babies' mouths. They spare no effort in doing what is necessary to ensure all of their products, from toys to furniture, meet the standards necessary to be world-wide distributors of quality products.

However, even with the constant testing and vigilance, sometimes there is a problem. In August of 2008, Haba Toys voluntarily recalled 20 different items from the shelves because of a choking hazard. Although there were only a couple of toys in question, Haba Toys took anything that could remotely create a danger out of the stores and reworked everything to make it safer. The Haba recall is another way this company stays on top of the safety issues that are so prevalent in toys. The Haba website talks about the recall and provides contact information should a parent have any concerns about the toys or products manufactured by Haba Toys.

Functional Furniture for Playcenters, Kindergartens and More

Along with an excellent toy line, Haba makes furniture as well under the label Wehrfritz GmbH. They have been a major supplier of furniture and playground equipment along with toys and craft supplies for kindergartens in Germany and other places in Europe. Childcare centers and elementary schools also use the Haba furniture line of Wehrfritz for after-school care programs and therapy and special needs facilities as well. The furniture products are geared to high usage facilities and are not usually sold as household furniture. The designs, called furniture programs, are meant to flow together to create rooms and spaces for specific needs and Haba does this very well.

No matter what the occasion, a baby shower, baby's first birthday, or a successful graduation from kindergarten, Haba Toys are the perfect choice for safe, fun, educational toys for children from birth through school.

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