Organic Baby Toys

Parents Want The Best

Parents want the best for their babies. In recent years, the concern about toxicity in paints and fabrics, as well as concern for the environment, has lead parents to choose organic baby clothes and toys for their children. The concern is more than justified and the move in many countries toward eco-friendly baby products and organic toys is a wise one. Low-level toxins may not bother an adult too much, but babies and young children have thinner skin and, because they are so much smaller, the toxic level is increased.

Organic Baby Clothing

Dressing a baby in organic baby clothes goes a long way to ensuring comfort and safety. Organic baby clothes are made from products that are organically grown and are free of pesticides and chemicals that are used in the production of non-organic clothing. Snaps are nickel free, and if the product needs dye, the dye used is approved by the authorities to have minimal metal or chemical content. Since organic baby clothes are made from soft, gentle materials, the incidence of rashes and skin irritations on baby's sensitive skin are reduced greatly.

Why Choose Organic Toys?

The same care goes into the making of organic baby toys. The materials and fabrics chosen are done so with the utmost care to ensure baby's safety. Lead paint and other harmful substances cause health issues that are difficult to reverse, so avoiding the potential for danger and harm to a baby is important and makes sense. Babies explore using the most primal method - putting things in their mouth. Saliva in the mouth is what keeps it moist, and it also begins the digestive process. Since saliva is acidic, it begins breaking down whatever is in the mouth and the absorption of chemical molecules is heightened.

Wooden Baby Toys

As a result of the concern and demands of parents who want non-toxic, eco-friendly clothing and natural baby toys for their children, toy manufacturers are ensuring the need is met. One of the bonuses of organic baby and toddler toys is the fact that they are usually quite simple in design, allowing for the creativity of the child to come forward. Organic wooden baby toys usually have a longer lifespan than plastic, and are often passed down from generation to generation. Wood used in the production of organic and natural baby toys is left in its natural state, without the use of stains and paints. Wooden blocks, puzzles, rattles, and teethers are some of the wonderful toys available for babies and toddlers. Haba, a manufacturer of high-quality, wooden baby and children's toys, as well as furniture and games, provides a full range of delightful toys for babies and young children. Their products are made in Europe and imported all over the world. Although natural baby toys and organic baby toys cost more, they are worth the money spent.

Stuffies That Are Safe to Chew

Organic cotton is a commonly used material in the production of organic baby toys. Some of the best certified organic and natural baby toys are made by Under the Nile. Egyptian cotton is used in the production of these soft, cuddly, organic fruits and veggies that babies love to cuddle and chew on. miYim, another producer of wonderful organic baby toys has a unique line of plush organic toys that have a distinct and identifiable look of their own. Each of the miYim toys comes in its own recycled paper box, ready to be given as a gift from someone who cares. The fabrics are all certified organic, they are non-toxic, and the natural colors are derived from low eco impact dyes.

Cleaning Organic Toys

To clean organic baby toys without the use of harsh chemicals like bleach or household cleaners, use all natural cleaners and, if the toys are machine washable, use eco-friendly soap nuts. Using natural cleansing agents means the baby or toddler is not exposed to irritants to the skin or lungs. Your baby deserves toys that are fun to play with and that won't cause harm in any way.

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